Every person in this universe is different from each other. They have a different level of intelligence and different personalities. Similarly, every student is different from each other, and they adopt different styles of learning or memorizing things they study. Some students note down what they study, some make diagrams, and some hear to the lectures. Since every person has a different style of learning, scientists have done further research to find out the best way of learning. You may also like to learn about the Online Quran Courses.


One of the essential theories for learning is the “VARK.” This theory focuses on four different types of learning.  

  • Visual Learning 
  • Auditory learning 
  • Reading and writing learning 
  • Kinesthetic learning

All these learning styles involve different human senses. This learning style helps in understanding different concepts in various exciting ways. All four learning styles, which are practiced worldwide by students and teachers, are explained below. 


Visual learning is the type of learning in which learning is done through pictures, diagrams, flow charts, and patterns. Visual learners use their sense of vision to learn to get their concepts. Students prefer to use different images, graphics, colors and maps to understand a specific subject. This kind of learning is mainly practiced at the preprimary and primary levels. Students are shown different colorful images flashcards in the Montessori and primary level to make them understand different topics. They get attracted to colorful visuals and take more interest in learning.  Also learn about the Basic Quran Reading Course.


This way of learning uses audio for the learning process. Auditory learners learn better when they study in auditory form. They prefer learning through hearing or speaking. The students who practice this form of learning say things loudly to learn and understand different subjects. In auditory learning, information is provided to students through lectures and discussions. Auditory learners get information better when delivered through sound or audio rather than written form. 


This kind of learning means learning through reading and writing. Many students are comfortable learning when they read and write about different topics. Such students are more comfortable in reading and writing to learn something. They prefer to read different books to understand, and then they also write. This helps them in learning at a faster pace. Students in this type of learning read from different sources and re-write their notes. Even when they study, they write what they have learned. 


Kinesthetic learning includes touching and hands-on activities. They use practical methods to learn about a specific topic. This learning is practiced mainly by musicians, dancers, surgeons, etc. Kinesthetic learning is suitable for those who believe in practical examples more than written examples. This form of learning includes more physical activities. The students take more interest in studies through experiments. For example, they are more interested in science subjects because it includes practical experiments.  

Why are Learning Styles Important?

A person should know about the learning style that suits them the most because when a person is aware of his learning style, he quickly absorbs all the knowledge provided to him. Learning styles are of four different which helps every person in different ways. Those attracted to colors and patterns adopt visual learning methods; those who prefer live examples follow the kinesthetic form of learning. All these learning methods have been found in many years of research by different scientists worldwide to make the learning process for students more convenient and more accessible. 

Benefits of Learning Styles:

All these learning styles are considered to be very beneficial for students. The benefits of understanding a particular learning style are many. Some of the significant benefits are: 

  • It increases the learning potential of students 
  • Allows learning through your strategies 
  • Helps in succeeding in exams with high grades 
  • Makes learning process fun and enjoyable 
  • Increases self-confidence 
  • Teaches you about your strength and weakness 


The way of learning makes the art of learning easier for students and plays an essential part in their personal and professional lives. Educational institutions are practicing all these methods for the betterment of their students. You should also find out which learning style is best for you to grasp the concepts faster and easier. All these learning styles are created with the sole purpose of learning with ease.  

By Manali