The sports drama “Jhund” has made us wait a long time and it is worth the wait! Take it from us, ‘Jhund movie free download’ is going to be the movie you will watch on repeat.

Based on slum dwellers in the ‘gully’, this movie is truly inspirational and hope-giving to all that live at a disadvantage.

Jhund Movie In A Nutshell:

Vijay Barse(Amitabh Bacchan), a retired sports coach, notices some street kids having a regular day. The slum dweller kids would rob pedestrians at the chance, play cards, smoke in every other corner, basically creating a mess locally. The humble sports coach reaches out and lets them have a taste of life. After Vijay merged football with their everyday life, he found out it was an instant success.

Later on, he establishes “homeless soccer” to bring more potential slum kids into football. How Vijay inspires a whole slum society to look up to something through football is truly a mesmerizing and inspirational story.

Where To Find Jhund Movie Free Download?

Jhund movie had to release back in 2019. However, the pandemic situation and a filed lawsuit had made them wait a while before releasing the film.

For all those who are eagerly waiting for ‘Jhund movie’ to release, the good news is that the movie might release the continuing or upcoming week! Traditionally, you can book a first-day first show ticket in your nearby movie theatre beforehand. Or an OTT platform will bring it to your fingertips in some days.

Some potential OTT platforms are:

  • Zee5,
  • Amazon Prime,
  • Netflix,
  • Voot,
  • MX player etc.

Since Zee themselves are in charge of distributing the movie across the country, it is an easy guess that Zee 5 might beat all of the above in this ‘Jhund Movie on OTT’ race. However, Amazon Prime and Netflix are the biggest contenders globally. They would make up for the lack sooner than you know. So a little wait can save you some money on buying a new membership if you need it.

It is an easy guess that you would first see ‘Jhund movie Amazon prime’ right after you see it on Zee 5.

Movies once released are not only confined to halls and OTT platforms. There are a tad more pilfering and duplicate websites that can bring you Jhund movie free download options on the internet. Here are some suggestions:

  • Movieverse
  • Todaypk
  • Moviesda
  • djPunjab
  • Pagalworld etc.

Another way you can find Jhund movie free download option is if you go find it on telegram. A lot of temporary channels open up when any new movies are released. Try finding one with the keywords ‘Jhund movie’, ‘jhund movie online’, ‘Jhund movie free download’ etc in the search button in telegram. Or simply search in Google as ‘Jhund movie full movie download telegram link’ and some channels might pop up in the search result.

In the end, it is probably a better idea to stick to legal and ethical ways to enjoy the movie. Any piracy websites might contain malware, phishing links and other cyber risks.

Why Is ‘Jhund Movie’ Coming Late?

As stated earlier, Jhund was about to come out in 2019. However, the pandemic situation slowed down the whole of mankind and this movie fell victim as well. Moreover, a lawsuit stood firm in the way of an act of personality rights breaching. Since the lawsuit was settled and laid to be carried ahead abreast, the movie is yet again all set to be released.

Enjoy Jhund Movie Free Download!

Amitabh Bachhan, as we know of is a highly qualified and talented actor. His legacy speaks for itself. Jhund will be another super hit in his career, especially to the sports enthusiasts. Apart from Amitabh Bachhan himself, you would also get to see talented actors like Akash Thosar, Rinku Rajguru, Kishore Kadam etc in the cast. IMDb gives the movie a whopping 9.3 out of 10. That shows the supremacy of this film. Actors like Aamir Khan have spoken brilliant words about Jhund movie.

The movie has a total of 4 music tracks. You can already find the songs on the internet via different sources. With loads of adrenaline rush packed in a 175 minutes film, you should consider a bucket of popcorn before getting into the film.

By Manali