Whether it is hard to prove sexual harassment in a workplace depends on so many things. Sexual harassment is something that is rising by the day, but the government and other agencies are trying their possible best to ensure that harassers are brought subject to the law.

Is it hard to prove sexual harassment in the workplace? No, it is not if some things are put in check.

Things To Check Out For

The people you tell about the situation

It is very important to ensure that you let someone close to you know about the situation and everything that is going on around you. Have a confidant to who you will explain everything. Not everybody will believe you in a situation like this, so it is very important to talk to someone you can trust about the whole situation. If it happens five times, you should be able to tell your confidant the five instances.

CCTV footages

If your organization stands to be one of those with CCTV cameras installed, it would not be hard to get proof. The footage will show exactly how everything might have played out, verbally and in all aspects. With this in check, you’ll be able to file a case and get the person harassing you be brought under the law. Also, your gestures in the footage must be able to prove that it’s an assault. Make every move to avoid the situation. That way, anyone who sees it might not need further explanation.

Police report

When things like this happen, it is best to report to the police when it happens. If you have made a complaint before, it would be easy and fast for the police to take possible actions. If in the first instance, you report the case, there would be actions taken to ensure that everything falls in place. File a report instantly. It would go a long way in ensuring that things don’t go the wrong direction.

Having seen all of these, it would be hard to prove a sexual harassment case if:

There’s no footage

As explained earlier, the footage is very important in cases like this. If there is no footage or evidence against the person you’re filing a case against, there is a problem. 

There’s no awareness

At least one person should be aware of the situation should in case anything happens. There would be someone to stand up and testify that he/she is aware of such occurrence. Get someone you will talk to about the whole situation, and every weight will be lessened. 

Additional note: there’s so much to be done about a sexual harassment case, so it shouldn’t be taken for levity. Sometimes people do not get justice for being assaulted; in other cases, it is the other way round. If you find yourself in a situation like this, do well to inform the appropriate quarters to get it sorted out as soon as possible.

By Manali