The first quarter of this year is halfway and we’re already half way through the second. What does the future look like for AI? First, AI has an impact on all industries.

Here are some areas AI will play an even greater role in our lives by 2022 and beyond.

Markets for data

AI’s love of data and the ability to collect it have made data more valuable as a competitive advantage, and a crucial asset for governments and businesses.

Privacy Regulations

Therefore, privacy regulations and educational initiatives have been established to help the public understand how their data can best be used. These initiatives will increase the individual’s ability to exercise their data rights.

Because of the convergence between these forces, data marketplaces are already being created. Businesses and individuals can both buy and sell data on data marketplaces which are online marketplaces.

Data marketplaces enable you to combine various methods. Data owners can profit from their data by having democratized access, privacy restrictions and monetization methods that all coincide.

AI and the Metaverse collide

The metaverse includes virtual reality and augmented reality as well as online worlds, customized experiences, games, and online worlds. This allows people communicate, transact commerce, and create personalities entirely online. Recently, this has been a topic of great interest.

Many companies are trying to get control of certain aspects in the metaverse. This is evident in popular apps like Roblox. What does this have to do the artificial intelligence? AI can play many roles in the cloud. It can create synthetic people, write stories, and improve VR experiences.

The AI-Enabled Clinician

No longer are data scientists the only ones who can understand AI.

AI is becoming a requirement for many jobs. AI is available in all industries. Every government develops AI policies. New laws are also created to address AI and privacy.

AI-Enabled Practitioners are expected to increase. This is because AI is becoming more important in people’s work, in medicine, law or sales.

Everything is customizable

Recommendations systems, dynamic pricing, and other AI-based applications are some of the most commercially successful.

It might be alarming — AIs never stop learning and are constantly improving their understanding of us. This trend can be expected to continue indefinitely, right now.

Everything we see online is tailored to us, whether it’s a discount, a coupon or recommendations. It is reasonable to expect that more information about you will be available online. Chatbots, digital assistances, and other means are used to collect intelligence.

All of this data collection is exhilarating for some people, but it is a concern for others. We ask questions about the storage of all information. Who will have the ability to view information about me in future? Why does salespeople believe it’s OK to push, press, push and sell, sold, sell to me, even though I don’t want to be bothered?

AI as an Educational Requirement

Technology changes can take time. It is difficult to maintain education standards. India, for example has developed Automated Intelligence tests standards for K-12. AI is an essential subject at schools. In-house training is possible for course curriculum.

Robots in the house

Siri and Alexa have been around a while. But what about house robotics?

AI-powered gadgets have been around for a while (roomba, for example), but this year there are more general-purpose AI-powered robotics. Amazon’s Astro robot, which can be linked to Alexa and monitored for security, was recently revealed by the company.

Creativity encouraged

AI has shown amazing creative talents. These include the ability to create music, write poetry, and paint. What does all this mean for the average artist who makes a living doing their craft? What will this mean for the customers?

You can expect to see Artificial Intelligence-assisted creativity in your favorite apps. There are apps that can create presentations for work and others that cook meals for you. Will there be a standard process? What about quality?


The rapid advancement of AI as a technology has led to industry growth and has been exponential. Artificial Intelligence-powered goods and services will likely continue to be a part of our everyday lives.

2022 is expected to be the Year of AI Supremacy. Not in an evil robot negative way. Instead, it will be a year where the business of doing business will be easier and more profitable.

Some managers and employees mistakenly believe that Automated Algorithms are limiting creativity. These Luddites are happy to learn about any glitches on platforms or in the cloud.

However, intelligent managers and workers recognize that every technological step forward is an opportunity to improve bottom line and increase productivity.

Most people in business are concerned about AI. But AI in business means moving ahead despite the progressions of things that we don’t yet know.

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By Manali