These days, the number of people who are opting to use wax melts in their homes, offices, and also in business premises is on the rise. This wickless alternative to a fragrance candle offers lots of benefits. However, for you to enjoy the aroma that a wax melt produces, you will need a wax melts burner.

How a wax melts burner works

Wax warmers are packed with wax melts, which release aroma as they melt. They melt due to a heat source which could vary from one type of wax warmer to another. The wax melts due to a heat source which could vary from one type of wax warmer to another.  Some warmers use electric power or light bulbs, whereas others are using a tealight candle that must be blown out once the wax has completed melting. If this is not done, it could lead to fire accidents.

The modus operandi differs depending on what type of wax warmer you are using. 

If you buy a warmer, make sure you understand what kind of heat source it needs to work properly.  If you want to avert flames, avoid purchasing a warmer that needs the use of a tealight candle to vaporize its wax.

For how long does a wax melt last?

The time in which it takes for you to use a wax melt varies depending on the structure of the product and also its size. The bigger and thicker options can last longer when compared to other available options. Some last for days, while others can be used only for a few hours. In some instances, you can reuse the melted wax by adding in some fragrance from essential oils which can be added to the wax before heating, and this helps to vaporize it and spread the scent to cover every section of your home. 

However, if you reuse them for the second time, the ax may not be structurally sound as it was before you started using it for the first time. Moreover, during the second round, there is a possibility for the aroma being less potent than it was during the first round.

What can be put inside the wax warmer

There are different types of wax warmers, and while some of them use wax melts, there are some options that use wax tarts. It all depends on what you buy and what you feel will be more convenient for you. A vast majority of the melts are manufactured using traditional wax which has scents that resemble those of a candle. Know the type of melt that your warmer is using before you buy so that you know what to buy.

Moreover, you can add some natural oils to the wax fragrance that you choose for your everyday use. Whether you like the citrusy smell, the lavender smell, or anything else, there will always be superior choices for you.


Using a wax melts burner is easy. After you have bought it, you cut a small cube of the wax melts and put it inside. Then you can turn on the power source. This will heat the wax cube or tarts, and the fragrance that is contained therein evaporates, filling your room with a nice scent.

By Manali