Today, new artists do not need to be concerned about their music distribution or sales. Sell music on Apple Music or Spotify or any popular streaming stores or platforms with ease. Sharing music online will help to expand your fan base. If you are new and have concerns about how effective is it to sell music online. 

To sell your music online on popular streaming stores or services, you need to upload songs or albums and get paid when anyone streams or clicks to hear your song. There are artists, who upload and sell their melodies manually from their websites to avoid having to pay a third-party distributor. 

It is wise to save dollars, but is constrained to sell on your website. You can release music on other platforms, so your songs are heard all around the globe.  

If you seek music distribution then MusicDigi is the correct platform to visit. The online music retailer empowers artists to get their music released on more than 100 streaming services and music stores. You do not need to jump across hoops to reach global audiences with a new song. 

  • Pay $59.99 annually and enjoy unlimited releases. 
  • Upload albums or songs and get your music on Spotify, Amazon, Tik Tok, Google Music, etc. within 48 hours. 
  • Watch your royalties start collecting in your account and get paid every month. 
  • You can keep 100% copyright of your music. 
  • You can keep track of trend data and monthly sales reports. 
  • Monitor download, streaming, etc. under a single roof in real time. 

With the help of a reliable digital music distributor, you can earn money from streaming and downloads. You registered on the digital music distribution platform and opened an account. Your royalties from the streaming and downloads are collected, which can be withdrawn weekly or monthly depending on the distributor. Even if a music distributor is involved, your music stays yours forever. Some distributors offer free ISRC and UPC codes for your album or music. 

Sell your music on Amazon, Spotify, or other streaming domains but first release music teasers on social channels or to pre-ordered fans. It will create curiosity and make others download or stream the new album as soon as it is released, thus increasing your royalties. The music aggregator company distributes your album of music content across the appropriate platforms you chose because your target fan base hangs out there. 

To get your music on TikTok just check on the box, while uploading your song on the music distributor’s platform. You can create short videos to share before the entire song or album is released. Users add the snippet from your song stored in the music library of TikTok to feature in their video background. The first 30 sec of music is available to TikTok users to use in the creative video that they share. 

With music distributors, artists can gain access to a lot of tools designed to engage and increase their fan base. 

By Manali