While you have probably already heard of using platforms like Twitter and Facebook in social media strategy for expansion of business. WhatsApp could be equally as important to promote your brand. During the past few years, WhatsApp hasn’t been limited to texting your family and colleagues or video chatting with your family when you are not at home. Bulk WhatsApp Marketing can be used for business promotion as well.

WhatsApp Business was created originally keeping in mind the needs of small business owners and start-ups. This feature of WhatsApp helps business owners connect with their customers and support them with personalized customer service within a short period. If a business owner has never considered adding a WhatsApp Business account into the businesses strategies that you are devising, we will explore why introducing WhatsApp Business to promote your brand might be a good idea.

What are WhatsApp bulk messages?

WhatsApp bulk messages is a smart and effective method businesses are using nowadays to get in touch with leads and build customer loyalty. Bulk message business strategies can include videos and images. The speciality of using WhatsApp bulk messages gives business owners the ability to express their message with no limitations in the number of characters. As per the guidelines of the free download version of WhatsApp, business owners who are using WhatsApp bulk messages are allowed to send 256 messages a day. These messages will be sent only to those contacts who have your number saved.

How can you send multiple messages at the same time?

The feature of sending mass messages allows business owners to send numerous messages using the free version of WhatsApp that they can all download. Numerous messages can be sent using distribution lists. Distribution lists allow the senders to contact multiple recipients at the same time without the necessity of forming a group or copying and pasting the same text to send it to different recipients. The process is much like using an email distribution list. The feature of using WhatsApp bulk messages is useful, but WhatsApp restricts the way individuals and businesses can send mass messages and its policies have become very strict about people and companies who send spam. That’s if a business owner wants to send bulk messages without risk of being blocked they need to use WhatsApp Business which is nowadays being considered as an ideal tool for business communication with a user community that is increasing at a fast pace all around the world.

The advantage of Mass WhatsApp marketing

Sending bulk WhatsApp messages is the best way to save a lot of time and utilize your resources. It saves a lot of time when you type one message and send it to many rather than typing the same message 50 or 60 times. The other advantage of using mass WhatsApp marketing reduces the margin of error while sending a message. When you have to type multiple messages at the same time, there are chances of typos and spelling or grammar mistakes when each one is written separately.

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