Aluminum doors are an affordable, durable, and lightweight door option in the market.

Despite the many advantages that this door type boasts of, you must be able to ensure great maintenance culture in order to enjoy these benefits to your satisfaction.

This is why this post is focused on showing you how to maintain high quality aluminum doors following an easy to understand DIY approach highlighted in this article.

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Got that, right?

Let’s get things started on that note;

First of all

Things Needed For Cleaning Your Aluminum Door

You need the following items to clean your aluminum door;

  • Damp cloth
  • Sponge
  • Bucket
  • Clean water: it is adbisable that you use warm water as warm water mixed soap gets rid of stains faster than a mixture of cold water and soap.
  • Soap or any other cleaning agent or special aluminum cleaner
  • A pair of protective gloves
  • Commercial aluminum or metal polish.

The step by step guide on how to maintain aluminum doors

Step 1; Put on your gloves, Wipe the door with clean water on the first attempt. This helps to give you a clearer view of the door. Particularly You will be able to see stains that will require more effort to get rid of them.

Step 2; Pour the cleaning soap into water, mix until the water foams.

Step 3; Dip the damp clothe or sponge into the soap-water mixture, then begin to wipe the aluminum door with the sponge or cloth. It is advisable to use sponge where the door is super dirty.

Step 4; Begin to scrub the door with the cleaning agent qorking from top to bottom. This is good for many reasons but most importantly, it makes your work faster and more efficient, especially when it is time to douse the door with water after cleaning.

Step 5; Once you are done wiping with a soap-water mixture. Pick another damp cloth and get a bucket of clean water. Dip the cloth inside the bucket, squeeze gently and begin to wipe the door surface with this new cloth.

Step 6; Emsure you do this more than once, so you can completely get rid of the soap residue that could be on the door.

Step 7; In the case where there are difficult stains on the door, find special aluminum clean agents, baking soda mixture, or vinegar to  get rid of such stains.

Step 8; Now that you ghave eliminated the stains, grimes, and dirts. It is time to give the aluminum door a touch of sparkle. Gently polish the door with special aluminum polish. But fo this gently!

That brings us to the end of this simplified DIY approach. Whata re you waiting for? Start cleaning!

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