Is it legal to grow medical marijuana in Missouri? Yes, you can legally grow marijuana, just as it is legal getting a medical marijuana card in Missouri. You must also apply for the Missouri medical cultivation license. Therefore, if you’re keen on growing medical cannabis in your home, you need such licenses. However, you must also be aware of the medical marijuana laws in Missouri. Understanding these laws will ensure you don’t get in trouble with the authorities. So, to learn more about these laws, keep on reading.

Medical Marijuana Cultivation Laws In Missouri

  • To obtain a Missouri patient cultivation license, you must be a qualifying patient over 18 years old. For minors, their primary caregivers may obtain the card for them.
  • The cultivation license is non-transferrable.
  • The cultivation license is valid for only 12 months. However, your cultivation license expires as soon as your medical marijuana card expires.
  • You can acquire your cultivation license for an annual fee of $100. This fee may rise or fall as determined by the State.
  • You must always display your marijuana cultivation license at your cultivation location.

Rules To Follow When Growing Medical Marijuana In Missouri

Aside from the laws, you must follow when cultivating medical marijuana, there are a few rules you must adhere to. These rules have been put in place by the Missouri medical marijuana program to act as guidelines when applying for your marijuana cultivation license. Below is a breakdown of these rules on requirements you should fulfill when setting up your indoor or outdoor cultivation facility.  

Rule 1: Enclosed, Locked Facility

According to the State’s rules, indoor growing of medical marijuana must take place in an enclosed, locked facility. Missouri defines an enclosed, locked facility as a garage, room, closet, greenhouse, or any other functioning enclosed space equipped with locks and other necessary security measures. Only qualifying patients or primary caregivers must have access to this room,

For outdoor growing, all sides of your cultivation structure must be enclosed except at the base by wooden slats, chain link fencing or other similar materials attached to the ground. This growing structure shouldn’t be accessed from the top. The plants also shouldn’t be visible from an adjacent property by people standing on the ground level or from a permanent structure on any level. 

Rule 2: Number Of Marijuana Plants You Can Grow

Missouri states that one patient can grow not more than six female flowering cannabis plants, six male, and six clone plants. While two patients growing in the same facility are limited to 12 female flowering cannabis plants, 12 male, and 12 clone plants. 

If you’re a primary caregiver and a qualifying patient, your two-patient cultivation facility can grow up to 18 female flowering cannabis plants, 18 male, and 18 clone plants.

Rule 3: Cultivation Restrictions

Qualifying patients aren’t legally allowed to cultivate medical marijuana for non-qualified individuals or other qualified patients. Unless you’re the primary caregiver of the qualified patient in question.

Rule 4: Other Applicable Laws

Even if you’re qualified to grow medical marijuana at home, your cultivation location is still subject to other property laws under state and federal laws and regulations.

Rule 5: Labeling Of Marijuana 

You must label your home-grown medical cannabis with the name that appears on your medical marijuana license. Ensure that your name is clearly written and easy to read.

Rule 6: Placement Of Your ID Card

Your medical cannabis cultivation license must be clearly displayed near your cannabis plants. The name of the qualifying patient or primary caregiver must appear on the license. The address of the cultivation location should also be clearly indicated on the card. 

How To Apply For Your Missouri Medical Marijuana Cultivation License

You have to keep in mind that your cultivation card expires when your medical marijuana card expires. Therefore, it’s best for you to apply for your cultivation card around the tie you’re renewing your marijuana card. 

Cultivation card applications are done on the Missouri Medical Marijuana Program Portal after your physician has submitted a Physician Certification Form. During application, you must submit the following information.

  • Cultivation facility address
  • The set up of the facility and security strategies in place
  • Types of locks you’ve used to keep third parties out
  • A detailed description of your cultivation facility

If you want to easily access ready-to-use medical marijuana growing your own plants is the best option. In fact, growing your own plants may prove to be more economically convenient for you in the long run. So, if you want to set up your own private cultivation facility at home, contact our state-approved physician, and they’ll help guide you through the process of obtaining your marijuana cultivation license.

By Manali