Finding a reputable medical marijuana physician can be difficult if you don’t know where to start and what to look out for. This becomes crucial when you’re experiencing medical conditions that may require the use of certain medical marijuana products.

It’s always advisable to remember that not every doctor is licensed to prescribe marijuana products. Even in states where marijuana is legal, the health authorities may not recognize it as a prescription drug. This means that not every medical practitioner can be able to prescribe it.

Before embarking on the process of finding a medical marijuana doctor, it’s prudent to do your homework regarding the laws governing marijuana in your jurisdiction.

In some states, for example, medical marijuana doctors can only prescribe marijuana use for people with conditions like AIDS and cancer. Even then, the patient must be proven to not be responding to regular pain killers. This is one example of things you need to find out before looking for a medical marijuana doctor.

As you look for a medical marijuana doctor, keep the following things in mind:


This should be the first thing to consider when looking for a marijuana doctor. To practice any medical profession, an individual must be well-qualified in that particular area. Medical marijuana doctors are no different. In addition to the mandatory years in medical school and residency, a doctor should have the right experience with medical marijuana. Because of its status as a non-prescription substance, a doctor not well-versed with its use cannot prescribe it to their patients.

Such experience usually comes from working in a medical marijuana clinic. When looking for a cannabis doctor, endeavor to find out if they have any clinical experience regarding the prescription of marijuana products to their patients.

2) License

Different states may have different criteria for what kind of doctors can prescribe marijuana to their patients. While a special license will suffice in most jurisdictions that have legalized medical marijuana use, others may require doctors to have additional training and experience with marijuana-related products. As such, ensure that a doctor has the license and authority to prescribe medical marijuana in that particular jurisdiction.

3) Vast Knowledge About Marijuana Dosage

The potential for abuse and addiction is always something to be concerned about when dealing with marijuana products, even for medical purposes. Different medical conditions may also necessitate different modes of administration of the marijuana products needed to alleviate them. Marijuana products taken to alleviate chronic pain due to cancer, for example, are not administered in the same way as those used for conditions like glaucoma. Needless to say, the dosage will be different for each medical condition. This, and many others, are the details that every good medical marijuana doctor should know. Ensure to check such a doctor’s background and, if possible, speak with some of their former patients who’ve been prescribed marijuana products.

4) Consider Local Marijuana Support Groups

Even with favorable legislation sweeping many states, there is still a stigma surrounding marijuana use. As such, finding a good medical marijuana doctor may become a challenge. A local marijuana support group can help you locate a reliable doctor specialized in matters related to marijuana products. Usually, members in such groups are connected to marijuana activism in their communities. Many members in such groups may be medical marijuana users themselves, making them the best source of information about finding good marijuana doctors.

Closely related to this are referrals by friends, acquaintances, or family members. People who have received effective medical marijuana doses are usually happy to talk about their positive experiences with a particular doctor. Therefore, when trying to find a good medical marijuana doctor, it’s usually a good idea to frequent marijuana dispensaries. You are almost certain to run into patients that have experienced the therapeutic benefits of medical marijuana. They can then point you in the direction of their marijuana doctor.

5) Comparison

With the increased legalization of marijuana, there’s bound to be competition between different facilities that offer marijuana-related products and services. This competition extends to medical marijuana doctors. Comparing the reviews and testimonials, hourly charges, and the quality of service of all marijuana doctors in your city can give you a good idea of who’s competent and reliable. A medical doctor with a steadily rising number of patients usually hints at competence and good service.

Ultimately, treatment requiring medical marijuana use goes beyond its prescription. Good treatment also relies on how supportive the marijuana doctor is. This makes finding a good one very important.

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