After a slip and fall accident, your life could be completely flipped upside down in a twinkle of an eye. While you wait for your medical bills to arrive, you will be in discomfort due to your injuries. 

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Additionally, if you cannot work, you will be unable to take care of yourself or pay your bills.  No matter how you slipped and fell, your employer or the storekeeper should be responsible for your injuries at work or the grocery shop.

So how is the total compensation sum in slip and fall instances decided? 

In the article, we’ll examine this question and several factors that affect this incident.

Settlements for slips and falls are decided after several negotiations between the parties concerned. The parties will consider potential settlements and work to resolve the dispute. 

Calculating a slip and fall claim is not always a standard calculation that an equation can answer. 

It is merely a negotiation between the party who was damaged and the one who was at fault. Before deciding how to handle compensation negotiations, you should consult an experienced personal injury lawyer. 

They will ensure that you receive the compensation you are due and will assist you in negotiating with the insurance providers.

Factors That Affect Your Slip-and-Fall Case’s Value 

  • Medical Expenses 

The largest factor in determining your injury settlement will be the medical bills for current and past treatments linked to your trip and fall. 

The amount used to determine your injuries may be for the sum invoiced by your healthcare provider or the sum the healthcare provider agreed to receive as complete payment, depending on the state you reside in. 

You should consult an attorney to know the regulations in your area because healthcare providers often consent to receive less than the amount billed. 

If your slip-and-fall claim is legitimate and you can demonstrate negligence, your claim will at least be worth the value of the incident.

  • Pain and Suffering 

The aspect of your claim that is least predictable is pain and suffering. A simple black-and-white formula cannot determine the cost of another person’s pain and suffering. 

Your medical costs are sometimes used as a starting point when determining pain and suffering. 

The attorneys handling your case will select the best multiplier to utilize based on the kinds of injuries you had and how severe it is.

Furthermore, bear in mind that not all injuries are noticed immediately. You might not feel any pain for hours or even days after an injury.

It’s crucial to get medical attention as quickly as possible. Your injury attorney should discuss the value of your slip and fall claim while keeping the possibility of further injuries in mind. 

  • Lost Wages 

You should be eligible to receive compensation for your lost wages if you were forced to miss work due to the injuries you sustained in your slip and fall. 

You will need to use a pay stub to confirm how much money you make and how many hours you’ve missed.

By Manali