If you want a fuel-efficient, reasonably reliable, & refined car at the same time, you can choose the Mitsubishi car. It is an iconic, stylish, and comfortable family-oriented car. It is an excellent & extraordinary choice for everyone and environment friendly also.

Like that, Mitsubishi has advanced technology features with a decent look. The Japanese manufacturer first introduced the Mitsubishi car in 1970. It has high performance that makes it unique & superior.

However, when buying a Mitsubishi car, knowing its long life is very important. If you don’t know, then don’t worry! Here, I will tell you about ‘How long Mitsubishi Cars Lasts.’ Let’s have a close look.

Mitsubishi Cars: Specifications & Dimensions

One of the best models of Mitsubishi Car 2022 is Mitsubishi Lancer, which has a diesel engine with 1998cc and a petrol engine with 1468cc. It generates a power of 85.8bhp of power & 132.3Nm of torque and is available with manual & automatic transmission.

The fuel tank capacity of the Mitsubishi Lancer is 50.0L and 420L body space with sedan body type. It has a mileage of 13.7 to 14.8kmpl, and the ground clearance is 185mm. It has 4290mm length, 1690mm width, 1430mm height, and 2500mm wheelbase dimensions.

The Mitsubishi Cars model’s Mitsubishi Outlander is the most popular; it has a petrol engine with 2360cc. It has an automatic transmission system and produces 164.94bhp of power & 222Nm of torque. The fuel tank capacity is 60.0L, and the ground clearance is 190mm. 

The mileage of the outlander is 10.2kmpl with a six-speed gearbox. It has 4695mm, 1810mm width, 1710mm height, and 2670mm wheelbase dimensions.

How Long Do Mitsubishi Cars Last?

You will find the highest life expectancy of the dependable Mitsubishi Car is approximately 150,000-300,000 miles with elementary maintenance and proper driving. It provides you with 10-13 years of service without any requirements of obsessive or uneconomical repairs. It depends on a yearly mileage of 15,000 miles.

The Mitsubishi Cars’ long lasts vary from model to model, depending on which model you buy and the car’s age. Some last a long time with minimum quest maintenance, and some do not last long with break down a lot.

However, here, I will present to you the essential components of Mitsubishi Cars that are most important for determining a car’s long life. Let’s find out what the determiners are?

Mitsubishi Cars: Engine Long Last

You will get the Mitsubishi Lancer engine long last, on average 150,000 to 200,000 miles or 10-13 years with primary maintenance. It depends on your proper driving habits, and well looked after. It can give you 300,000 miles without needing major repairs if you take care of it.

The Mitsubishi outlander engine can give you 200,000-250,000 miles or 13-17 years without significant mending. You may increase its expected life expectancy if you take good care of it & properly maintain it.

Mitsubishi Cars: Brakes Long Last

Depending on the driving quality on the highway, the Mitsubishi lancer brake pads last 60,000 miles. This high performance can be low if your car’s brake pad stops and starts in rough traffic on the highway. Your brake pad deteriorates faster for sporty style driving, but slow & steady style gives it last longer.

You will get a brake last on 60,000 miles from a Mitsubishi outlander while driving on the highway. This range can move down in 20,000-30,000 miles if you drive sporty and do many stops & go ahead in traffic in the town. Only slow driving can increase your brake pad.

Mitsubishi Cars: Batteries Long Last

The Long-lasting of your Mitsubishi Lancer battery is average, 3-5 years. It depends on various factors like driving pattern, weather, and battery use. Internal damage & short circuits can occur if you want to tightly fast your battery. Quick rides do not permit complete charging. 

So, follow short rides, and your lancer store keeps away from excessive changes in temperature for long last your Mitsubishi Lancer battery.

The Mitsubishi outlander battery usually lasts 3-5 years, depending on driving style, climate, battery using pattern, and more. You will get two years to guarantee a new outlander battery and eight years for an outlander PHEV battery pack.

Mitsubishi Cars: Plugs Long Last

You will find 100,000 miles of stock high-quality iridium spark plugs last from a Mitsubishi Lancer without significant service. Some signs of recognizing the low-quality spark plug include decreased gas mileage, lack of acceleration, tough starts, rough idling, & engine misfires. 

You will get iridium-tipped spark plugs from a Mitsubishi outlander that last 105,000 miles without high servicing. You will need to check any unexpected wear and engine issues through your dealership when inspection plugs during routine maintenance.

Mitsubishi Cars: Tires Long Last

You can get Mitsubishi Lancer’s stock tires that last up to 50,000 miles or three years. It depends on road conditions, driving style & place, and weather. For your car’s tires, you need to check to rotate tires after 5,000 miles, tire pressure in a few weeks, and wheel alignment every six months.

And, if you ride in worse road conditions or go off-road, your tires will face more beating. So, try to avoid this for long tires.

The tires of Mitsubishi Outlander give you up to 50,000 miles or 3 to 5 years, depending on street conditions, riding style, and climate. Through proper checking of tires and avoiding worse street conditions or off-road, you can increase your Outlander tires long last.

Mitsubishi Cars: Guides to Prolong the Life Expectancy 

  • Adopt a soft driving style
  • Proper maintenance
  • Use high-quality machine parts and fluids
  • Regularly wash to remove dust and protect the paint
  • Adequate checking of engine oil, brake & transmission system
  • Check CVT fluids after 30,000 miles and change the filter after 60,000 miles to prevent unexpected failure
  • Keep in a garage for good protection
  • Proper understanding of the symbols & dashboard warning lights
  • Repairs scratch and paint and need waxing to protect your Mitsubishi from rust.
  • Need rust proofing treatment 

Concluding Remarks

The Mitsubishi Car has excellent fuel efficiency, life expectancy, and high performance. The engine is cost-effective and slashes your monthly fuel bill down. It gives you the increased life expectancy of machine parts.

However, you can upgrade your car’s long-lasting through proper maintenance and a smooth driving. It is an iconic, attractive, compact, and reliable family car that ensures maximum durability.

So, welcome to starting a safe investment with Mitsubishi Cars!

By Manali