Parents play a vital role in helping children succeed in school especially when it’s a Secondary High School. Lending a little support and guidance can go a long way, even though teens seek independence, parent’s involvement in the proper way is an important ingredient for their academic success.

Ways to Help Your Teen Succeed in an Abudhabi School

Parents Involvement

Secondary School in Abu Dhabi

Teens perform better when they have parent’s support; so parents should attend a child’s open house or motivate them when they lack confidence or underperform and guide them effectively. Involving yourself in school programs boosts their confidence, discussing with them about their school programs and policies, or post-high school options will help parents to know about their child’s future interests and hopes.

Attending parent-teacher meetings to address issues like behaviour problems, low grades or attending conferences or seminars, workshops about other classes which can help your child to upgrade their knowledge or skills or help in following their passion can be a good way to stay informed

Secondary school Abu Dhabi has facilities for parents where they can request meetings with teachers, principals, and school counsellors any time during the school year.

Collect Information

Talking with your teen child should not look like you are bragging about a topic of which you are unaware as it will disconnect them. Instead, collect some information, look at the school website or talk to their friends or parents as this will show that you are highly aware of all things and they will be able to connect with you while discussing things.

If you are looking for Secondary School in Abu Dhabi for your teen, you can get most of the Information on their school website and you can also connect to counsellors for more information.

Provide Support

High school is a precious year for your child as their grade will allow them to get entrance into their dream college or universities in future. So help them in making the most of their high school where they would be balancing academics with extracurricular activities or social lives especially in preparing for their SATs and/or ACTs.

Provide your teen a relaxing happy atmosphere at home and a distraction-free place to study. Connect with them from time to time to check on their moods. Also, help them in their research which can decrease their load and motivate them to complete their assignments and study schedule.

Abudhabi School encourages students to ask for help when it’s needed as most of the teachers are available for extra help before or after school and they also provide or recommend other resources which can be helpful. So, as parents you can also help in their studies.

Take care of their health

Provide them healthy nutritious food so that they can stay healthy. It’s natural that with the pressure of high school they can have a laid back attitude towards health. You can help boost your teen’s attention span, concentration, and memory by providing foods that are rich in whole grains, fibre, and protein. Most of the time it is seen that teens skip breakfast or lunch so it is the parent’s responsibility to provide their child snacks that comprise fresh fruit, nuts and other healthy foods.

They also need the right amount of sleep. Their busy routine with many activities and classwork might affect their lack of sleep which can decrease their attentiveness, or affect their memory, so make sure they get their adequate sleep of at least 8 hours to feel fresh and excel in all their fields.

Teach them Skills

Teens learn most of the things from the surrounding environment. So having a well-organised home can help them to follow the same habit. Help them learn or master the skills of getting organized and staying focused to help them in their study and future

Let them learn these habits from you, especially organization and time-management skills.

Help them create a well-organised to-do list, study timetable, assignments, notebooks, or folders that are organized by subject or show them how to schedule a calendar or set a timer for upcoming deadlines.

Abudhabi School not only helps students in acquiring academic knowledge but they help students acquire various skills that can help in their later life.

Help them in Study

Your child might get nervous or anxious especially during exams and they might get confused. Guide them, try to make them feel lighter or relaxed, help them to break down tasks into smaller chunks and help them stick to the study as per the calendar schedule. You can help them in preparing notes so that they can review them later.

You can take their test, or ask questions that can help them to review or remember things.

Teachers at Secondary School in Abu Dhabi help students to use all the techniques of learning such as writing, reading, drawing, visualising, speaking, and listening which help them to retain information for longer.

Participate in Volunteering activities

Parents should participate in volunteering activities in school as it helps their children to gain more confidence, especially when their parents are appreciated for their efforts, which inspires them to perform well in all activities.

Abudhabi School is not just a school but a community that has various activities where parents can participate and get to know their teachers, school administrators and other parents which helps in bonding.


Best Communication is always two-way, the way you talk and listen to your teen can influence how well they listen and respond. It’s important to listen carefully.

Make efforts to talk with your teen every day, but make sure you do not sound like you are enquiring or keeping an eye on them. The casual talk about their routine, their school life, their friends will help you to get the right information in order to know what goes on in their school life and in general.

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