Finding a durable, used truck can seem easy until you start doing it. With numerous dealers all claiming to offer the best deal on such vehicles, it can be tempting to jump at the first offer that comes your way. If you want to find where to buy used trucks, a little research will go a long way toward finding the right dealer with the right truck.

For decades, trucks from famous manufacturers like Ford and Chevrolet have come to symbolize American ideals. That’s why finding a used one that’s still in good shape can be challenging because of the numerous dealers out there. However, finding a used truck that’s still in good condition becomes simpler once you’ve decided on a particular model and where to get it from. A good place to start looking is online. There are numerous sites that offer good deals for good-quality used cars. Below are some of them.

1) eBay Auctions

eBay is a great option for purchasing many things, including good-quality used trucks. The only catch is that you have to put in a winning bid. While success is never assured, eBay is one of the few places where you can find a durable used truck at an incredibly low price. It all starts with you creating a free account on the site. You’ll then have to wait for used truck auctions to come around before you can bid on them. If you’re looking to buy a used truck while not being in a rush, this is a great option. You can wait for your kind of used truck to come to auction and bid every time until you find a winner.

2) Online Classified Ads Sites

These kinds of sites are also good options for finding used trucks online. Prominent such sites include and The latter, in particular, is solely focused on car sales. With hundreds of thousands of vehicles listed on it, you can find just about any kind of used truck that suits your needs. This makes one of the largest online platforms for finding whatever vehicle you’re looking for. Craigslist, while not exclusively focused on vehicle sales, can also offer up nice used trucks at competitive prices. Unlike, which allows dealerships to post about trucks for sale, Craigslist is more for private sellers looking for customers. This means that browsing such sites can offer good deals on used trucks that would be hard to find by a conventional, in-person search.


While not as large as, this site offers the average Joe good vehicle deals without much hassle. For used trucks, you can simply visit their site and browse through their catalog to find what you’re looking for. Ford and Chevrolet models of trucks are particular favorites here. You can find amazing deals on such trucks that are used but still in good condition. However, Nissan, Toyota, and GMC used trucks are just as available as the other brands.

If you prefer to do things the old-fashioned way, you can simply visit their lot to see the vehicles physically. Depending on where you are, you can visit any one of their locations in Wichita, Hutchinson, Newton, Salina, Junction City, and Kansas City. Rest assured of getting a nice warranty for each truck you choose to purchase.

If you prefer to avoid the inconveniences associated with large websites, Conklincars might just be the site for you.


This is another popular option with many car buyers. It’s a nice site to browse thousands of used trucks from different dealerships all in one place. With an online staff available 24/7, you can have any enquires answered promptly. This is rare because their inventory is self-explanatory, with temptingly low prices for different types of used trucks. If you don’t have the money upfront, can also help you secure financing for your truck purchase, in addition to insurance.

Start Where You Are

While it’s great and convenient to sit back and browse any of these sites, looking for a used truck to buy starts right where you are. Ask friends and family if they know anyone that’s selling a used truck. You might be surprised at what you find. Alternatively, you can visit local dealerships and inquiry about any offers for buying used trucks in their inventory. The local newspaper is also a great option. Go through the classified section. You just might be surprised at what kind of deals are available for used trucks.

Ultimately, good research and perseverance will help you get an amazing deal on a used truck.

By Manali