Sciatica as the name indicates is the pain caused in the sciatic nerve. As we all know that sciatic nerve is the longest of all the nerves in the body. It starts from the buttocks and goes into the legs. Therefore a little irritation in this nerve can be very painful. The symptoms can vary from being mild in some patients to severe ones too.

Sciatic pain not only affects your quality of life but it makes walking difficult, you are unable to sit before the computer for long hours, daily activities get impacted and lots more. In some of the patients tingling is also one of the causes of sciatica.

There is no doubt that sciatica pain can make your life hell if not treated properly and on the right time. Slight negligence can cause you a lot and that is why consulting the right experts is essential.

Reasons of sciatica pain

There can be a number of causes as why one is experiencing sciatica pain. Some of them are given below.

  • Bulging disc is one of the major root causes of sciatica pain. The discs located on the spinal nerve have a liquid in them which causes inflammation. As a gap is created between two discs it results in pain and discomfort.
  • Nerve compression – Any kind of injury in the lower back can result in sciatica pain.
  • Aging is yet another cause of sciatica. When one gets old, the discs can bulge and result in pain.
  • Spinal stenosis is also the reason to get sciatica pain. The spine has many nerves in it, the space created between the nerves is called stenosis and is responsible for the sciatica pain.
  • During pregnancy too one can develop this pain and one gains a lot of weight and this can put pressure on your lower back.
  • Wearing high heels for long house can too result in sciatica pain.
  • Apart from the above reasons, there are people who are suffering from diabetes. They too can face sciatica pain if diabetes is not maintained.
  • Obesity can be one of the reasons.
  • If you sit for too long without a break then too you can develop this problem.

Consulting the specialist to treat Sciatica pain

In order to receive the correct treatment it is necessary to get in touch with the expert. Now there are various kinds of treatments availble but opting for the right one is what makes the difference. An experienced doctor will not only carry out proper diagnosis but will be able to suggest a treatment plan that suits your requirements and offers good results. That is why the first step is crucial.

Sciatica pain treatment in Ayurveda

We all are familiar with the countless benefits that Ayurveda can provide to your body. It not only stabilizes your body but work on the doshas too. In this hectic life we tend to neglect the doshas and this is when we start getting all kinds of health problems. So Ayurveda work on how to bring in the doshas into the right form.

In order to get the best sciatica pain treatment in Ayurveda, you need to adopt their way of leading your life. Here are the ways which is adopted in Ayurveda to treat sciatica pain.

  • Steam therapy –The nerves of the spine become stiff due to which you suffer from pain. With the steam therapy, an effort is made to relax the nerves as well as the entire body. Steam massage is done using the herbal oils which penetrate deep into the skin and the herbs leave a long lasting effect on the body. With therapy the muscles get softer and pain reduces too.
  • Herbal supplements –Mere having therapies or massages will not work unless other treatments are combined with it. Herbal medicines need to be taken in order to bring down the pain. There are several herbs like dashamula, ashwagandha etc which are given to the patients for rejuvenating their body. These herbs are source of nourishment and at the same time will result in reduced pain too.
  • Panchakarma – Then you have the panchakarma wherein vata is treated properly. Vata is related to your digestive system and if vata is in right form you will face no health issues. So panchakarma is yet another treatment in Ayurveda which gives brilliant results.
  • Kati Basti – Here Kati signifies “lower back” and Basti means “to hold”. In this method, a dough of flour is made and spread on the lower back region. Then warm oil is poured in that dough and left for some time. The oil is then changed once it gets cool. The overall idea of this method is to improve blood circulation which in turn will reduce pain.
  • Enema –One of the treatments that Ayurveda follows is the therapeutic enema. In this some kind of oils are inserted into the colon via enema. This helps to combat the vata thereby bringing a positive change in your body.
  • Therapeutic yoga class – These are the classes which are meant for sciatica patients only. Here you will learn the right exercises that you make your lower back strong and ensure the bulging disc slowly comes into position.
  • Self-help – Apart from trying the different Ayurveda treatments, you also have to work on your positions. When you lie down, make sure the lower back is straight. You can use a pillow to ensure that posture. Go for little exercise or you can even walk or jog. You can follow the exercises suggested by your doctor. Hot or cold compression can give you quick relief from the pain. Therefore it is essential to work on yourself to get the desired outcomes.

Therefore there is a good combination of treatments in Ayurveda. If connect with a reputed centre or expert you can look forward to many health benefits. The results are long lasting and at the same time you get permanent cure for this problem. So why not try sciatica pain treatment in ayurvedaas it is effective, easy to try, no side effects and offered by the top experts in the field of Ayurveda.

By Manali