Parkinson is a disorder related to the nervous system which worsens your control movements. Muscle stiffness, balance issues, coordination etc are some of the problems that a patient faces. As there is no permanent cure for Parkinson, the only way out is to improve the symptoms. It usually occurs among the senior citizens but can arrive early in few people.

According to the researches it has been found that around 1% of the people over the age of 45 years get affected by Parkinson and around 5% people get affected over the age of 80 years and above. Also the cases of Parkinson are more in men as compared to the women.

More about Parkinson disease

In this disorder, the nerve cells of the substantia nigra tend to get damaged or even die. Due to this the brain is unable to send signals for communication to the people. The main aim of these nerve cells is to produce substance called dopamine which helps in sending commands to the other body parts. But with Parkinson less dopamine is produced and therefore difficulty in movement is faced by many people.

If Parkinson is not diagnosed at the right time, they start losing another nerve transmitter which is the norepinephrine. Its purpose is the proper functioning of your nervous system which gets affected if less or no norepinephrine is generated. Blood pressure may be affected with norepinephrine along with improper digestion, heart issues and much more.

Symptoms of Parkinson disorder

The symptoms in case of Parkinson disease are usually common but its impact differs from one patient to the other. In some cases it could be really mild and in a few it could be terrible. So the most common ones are given here.

  • Tremor is quite a general symptom. In this, your hands and legs begin to shake and slowly as the disease progresses it may paralyse one side of your body. Too much of tremor can develop stress among patients.
  • Your muscles tend to get rigid. As your muscles are not in normal position, you might face problems while moving around. Movement is quite tough when muscles get stiff.
  • Dystonia is yet another symptoms which can be experienced by the patients.
  • Coordination and balance issues can arise in Parkinson patients. You are unable to walk properly, feel stiffness in your legs, inability to coordinate with arms, bump into things etc.
  • Depression
  • Urinary problems
  • Fatigue and loss/gain of weight
  • Sleeping problems

Treatment for Parkinson

As already said above that there is no permanent solution for Parkinson but still the symptoms can be managed with the right guidance, medication and therapies. That is when Ayurveda plays a crucial role in treating Parkinson and minimizing its impact on your body. A combination of various treatments is what works for the people depending on the seriousness of their nervous disorder.

  • Bio-cleansing therapies – One of the brilliant solutions of ayurvedic treatment for Parkinsonis the bio cleansing therapies. As the name indicates, it’s all about purifying your body completely by removing the toxic elements. Once your body is purified, the vita doshas will get improved and one will start feeling healthy. So first way is to rely on the cleansing therapies which are highly effective.
  • Diet changes – The biggest root cause of any health problem is improper digestion. So if you wish to stay healthy you have to change your diet and make sure that it is complete and rich in different nutrients. A good diet can improve your digestion thereby solving most of your health problems. In case of Parkinson the experts will prepare a diet chart that you need to follow along with the medicines too. Both when combined together can yield fruitful results.
  • Yoga – Depression, anxiety, stress, fatigue etc are some of the symptoms of Parkinson which can be treated with yoga, exercises and meditation. Such things helps to manage the energies within your body and ensure that you stay relaxed. To get the right results of your treatment it is essential to stay calm and compose and it can be possible with yoga only.

Benefits of ayurvedic treatment for Parkinson

There is no denial to the fact that Ayurveda is the one stop solution to all your health problems. It is not only natural but some with countless benefits which other modern treatments cannot give. That is why people have a strong belief in Ayurveda and find it an ideal way to cure the biggest of the health problems.

  • The Ayurveda treatments bring about a positive energy in your body. Whether it is the cleansing therapy or yoga, the treatment gives a sense of relief to the patient.
  • As your lifestyle improves you are filled with new hopes, positivity and proper balance which was missing earlier.
  • As every treatment plan is different catering to the needs of the patients, the results are mind-blowing. The guidance from the top Ayurveda experts is what you can look forward to.
  • The herbal treatments offered as a part of the process are 100% natural and there are no adverse effects on your body. It upgrades the quality of life and brings down the symptoms too thereby giving a lot of relief.
  • Custom made treatments deliver top outcomes and have been the saviour of many patients. The age old methods and therapies have proved to be a game changer in this hectic and stressful life.
  • If people approach Ayurveda at the very initial stages the outcomes are just the best. In case of others it takes a little time to bring down the dose of Allopathic medicines and show significant improvement too. Therefore one needs to have trust, only then faster healing is possible.

With innumerable advantages associated with ayurvedic treatment for Parkinson, it is in fact the most sought after treatments. In a few days only the patients experience relief, purity of soul and mind, effective treatment etc. The body heals from within and that is why thetreatment is so good and result oriented.

If anyone around you is suffering from Parkinson, Ayurveda can help them in every possible way.

By Manali