Many parents are making the decision to send their children to private schools in order to provide them with greater access to educational opportunities and a broader range of educational experiences. Ultimately, the goal is to help people lead successful and enriched lives in a continuously evolving world.

Boarding schools and alternative schools are also popular choices among parents in the private school industry. You must look at every option because each child has a unique set of talents and needs.

Choosing to send your child to a private school is a decision that many parents are making for a variety of reasons.

Increased Possibilities

Private schools education provides students with a more diverse and in-depth educational experience. There are various more initiatives, such as extracurricular activities, placement courses and programmes for talented students. Co-curricular involvement is highly valued at Pinewood School, where students are encouraged to participate in a wide range of extracurricular activities. These include ensembles in music, sports, and the arts and theatre. In addition, we provide a variety of extracurricular activities, such as a Chess Club, a Holiday Club, and a Forest School, where students can develop important life skills in a natural environment.

For autonomous schools, curriculum design is a major advantage. Because of this, teachers’ knowledge and lectures are not constrained by specific bounds. The top teachers in the country come to Pinewood School to share their expertise with our students in the most efficient manner possible. Whether it’s more challenging coursework or interesting field excursions to the museum, or a combination of the two, it’s up to you.

Involvement by parents

In private schools, open communication between parents and administrators is a priority, and parents are encouraged to participate in the school’s activities. Families become an active part of their children’s education through numerous parent-teacher meetings, social events like parent breakfasts and family camping weekends, and the involvement of parent committees in fundraising initiatives. Parent-child connections are also strengthened by this common ground.

A safe place to work

In private schools, discipline and respect are held to a higher degree. More effective monitoring and management of school grounds can be achieved with lower student-to-staff ratios. A lack of risky behaviour is discouraged in private schools because of the strong sense of belonging that students experience there. In a Fraser Institute study, 72% of parents with children in private schools strongly agreed that their children’s schools were safe, which had a significant impact on their educational experience and achievement. The discipline kids learn also boosts their chances of succeeding in post-secondary education when they are in charge of their class attendance and academic performance..

A Secure Setting for Learning

Teachers and students at private schools are famous for their high levels of discipline and respect. The smaller staff-to-students ratio makes it easier to maintain school premises. Children’s social skills and excellent behaviour are fostered at most independent schools, including here at Pinewood School.

Enormous assets

There are a wealth of tools available at private schools to help students succeed in the classroom, sports field, creative studio, and beyond. High-quality educational tools and extracurricular activities allow students to fully develop their interests and talents.

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