Students and employees alike create and handle files all the time. Most files are considered confidential especially in the professional setting, so people get to learn how to value safety, security and privacy. They want to make sure that their intellectual property is respected and kept safe at all times.

Everything You Must Know About PDF Passwords

Sharing these pieces of information should become a necessity at some point. After all, an individual can only do so much, so reaching out to others to initiate collaboration is also part of work life. There are many ways to ensure the security of file sharing, one of them is to encrypt PDF files.

As the most secure file format, PDF has been used in both schools and workplaces. Keep reading below to know more about PDF passwords, and how to encrypt and unlock your PDF files.

PDF passwords

PDF passwords are just like how phones prevent other people from snooping through your apps. PDFBear also helps prevent unauthorized access to your PDF files. If you no longer need them, unlock PDF online to remove them permanently. They come in two types, and each type of authentication can provide your chosen level of security depending on your needs.

The first type is the user password, whose primary function is to open your PDF document. The other type is called master password, also known as permissions passwords, which provides you more capability and control over your PDFs. It allows you to disallow and restrict what other people can possibly do to your files, such as printing, sharing, editing, and more.

Safety and Security

According to PDF’s specifications, literally only you and whomever you share the key with can access the file. Of course, you would also have to put your guard up and authorize only those whom you can truly trust. It is entirely up to you to ensure that no irrelevant person knows the password.

Password Protect PDFs

You can easily encrypt your PDFs by using several powerful tools that you can find on the web, like PDFBear. Opting for software applications that specialize in PDFs, such as Adobe Acrobat DC, is a good thing to do too. You can find these tools by searching protect PDF or similar keywords. Whether you use paid or free tools, what matters is you’ve encrypted your PDFs.

If you are successful in this task, you can undoubtedly ease your worries when sharing files online. This way, you can ensure that only your intended recipient can read the contents, given that they don’t leak them. The next thing that you would probably wonder about is how to unlock your PDFs.

Unlocking Your PDF Files Temporarily

There are two ways to unlock your PDF files – temporarily and permanently. Unlocking them temporarily means that you want to read their contents while wanting to let them be encrypted for future security. This way, you can work with the information while still preventing leakages. Doing this is fairly easy to do too!

  1. Open the PDF file with your PDF reader.
  2. Type in the password when prompted.
  3. Confirm.
  4. Read your file!

Permanently Unlocking Your PDF Files

There are so many reasons why you might want to unlock them permanently. Though typing in the password when you want to open them is fairly manageable, doing so many times repeatedly is inconvenient. Especially when you only have a limited time and you are rushing things due to a deadline, the delays can get on your way towards finishing your tasks.

Do you have the means to do this? If no, then you still shouldn’t worry. Permanently unlocking your PDF files is a pretty easy thing to do together with the abundant tools online. Just like the tools for protecting your PDFs with passwords, they could be software applications and web services. Though some of them are paid, do not worry because PDFBear’s Unlock PDF got you!

Use PDFBear’s Unlock PDF

Though there are many other tools on the web, PDFBear’s Unlock PDF is definitely one of the most popular and trusted ones. It is completely free to use, so even if you don’t have extra bucks for some paid software, you can still proceed to the unlocking process. Have a look below to know more about its features!

This excellent tool by PDFBear can meet your PDF unlocking needs. If you no longer need to secure your PDFs, you can use it to remove the passwords once and for all. Boasting a tight 256-bit SSL encryption technique, you can expect that you can use this tool without worries for safety.

Moreover, you can use it on any device as it has universal compatibility on all platforms. It can do the job in as fast as two minutes depending on how stable your connection is. There is absolutely no need for software installation, and you can use it by directly going to its website. Experience its user-friendly interface now and follow the steps below.

  1. Upload your file to the PDF unlocking tool. Dragging and dropping it is doable too.
  2. Type in the password.
  3. Click Unlock PDF.
  4. Download your newly rendered password-free PDF file once done!

Based on the encryption type, you can expect that almost all files can be unlocked. However, some PDF files might need you to type in the master or owner password for it to work. Unlocking your PDFs permanently should never be complicated. Together with PDFBear’s superior cloud technology, this tool is undoubtedly one of the most powerful ones you can use.


Security will always be a thing that people place great importance upon especially with their company files and other personal documents. When dealing with sensitive information, they would want to retain confidentiality and avoid unnecessary document sharing. There are times where sharing files is also a must, so it needs to be done in a secure manner.

Exchanging PDFs with passwords will make you experience encrypting and unlocking them. If you no longer need to secure your PDF files, you can easily remove them permanently using PDFBear’s Unlock PDF.

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