A million parents send their children to the best of schools and colleges and the people who are shaping the world say they don’t actually need college grads for their companies. What can we conclude? Is it time for a new kind of education revolution? The world’s richest person, Elon Musk says he doesn’t hire people based on their educational qualifications and believes college is not a place to learn, college is just for fun. Is it so? Then why are we spending our parent’s hard-earned money on useless education?

Education can never be useless. The things that you learn whether, in your elementary schools or post-grad school, everything has value in life. But looking at the modern world scenario, we can find the top billionaires are college dropouts. We can see Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg and our own Indian Varun Agrawal (the OYO founder) have not completed their higher education. But they are in the position to hire the world’s best graduates as their employees. Is this the value of education in today’s world?

Let us consider you graduated from one of the top universities in India. You applied for higher education in the USA. You did all the hassle to collect your transcript certificate, got certificates attestation done, got enrolled in a top university there, completed your post-graduation by working hard day and night, and finally got placed in Facebook. Getting placed on Facebook is not a small achievement. So would you be proud or ashamed of working under someone who hasn’t even completed graduation?

Well, you should know, the education system today is designed to manufacture labourers. The capitalists invest in an idea and build an empire with the help of the educated. It doesn’t matter if they have educational qualifications or not, they are rulers of the world. And this capitalism has been running the world for ages. Education today is a medium of transfer of information. In schools and colleges, you are given so much information. And you need to decide how you want to use that information. Either you gather and process that information to clear your academic exams or you can absorb and learn from it. If your aim is to learn then you can use that information and make them work in your favor. Just like what Mark Zuckerberg and Varun Agrawal did. They gathered enough information required to start their venture and are now worth billions of dollars. And if you study to get good marks then work hard and someday you can enjoy working under them. The choice is yours.

The education system in India was designed by the British 100s of years ago. So, if you want to be a master of something you will have to spend 25 years in education. Until 17 years of age, you are taught basic science, arts, and commerce in school. Then another 4 years you study generalized streams such as Mechanical Engineering, Finance Management, etc. And then again 2-3 years in the specialized stream like Fluid Mechanics, Thermal engineering, material technology, etc. that all comes under mechanical engineering. You have the option to pursue your master’s abroad as well. You can submit your graduation mark sheet, IELTS score, and transcript certificate and get enrolled there. So to become a master in a specific field you already spent the first 25 years of your life. And someone who just drop out from college and spent 7-8 years in his business is much-much ahead of any graduate coming out of school. And if you ask how can he scale his business without learning? Then, my friend, you need to remember this is the era of the internet. All things that he wants to learn are easily available on the internet. There are thousands of books that he can learn from. He doesn’t have to go through everything taught in college that he might never need. And we never know, this might become the future of education: the Internet and self-help books.

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