Here, we are going to guide you through the dos and don’ts of a car accident lawsuit so you don’t risk ruining your lawsuit in its entirety.

It’s no fallacy or wishful thinking to say that even victims of car accidents lose lawsuits sometimes. Guess, we don’t want that for you, right?

With that said, let’s establish answers to some of the commonly asked questions on car accident lawsuits. Also, see here for the best Katy truck accident lawyer.

What Is The Process Of A Car Accident Lawsuit?

The car accident lawsuit process appears simple yet it is somewhat complex. Anyone filing a lawsuit must be able to establish two things.

One, the other party is the offending party and their carelessness or negligence has caused you to face harm. Second, as a result of the accident, you became incapacitated to live your life as you normally would.

How Do You File A Lawsuit For A Car Accident?

This is filled with technical jargon that non-professionals outside the legal field may find difficult to wrap their head around. Should you find yourself in a situation where you need to file a lawsuit, it is better if you do it with the help of an experienced lawyer.

When Can I File A Lawsuit Against A Driver Who Caused An Accident?

You don’t have to sue the in-fault driver immediately, give him and his insurer time to act in good faith. However, if they do not.

Don’t be shy to pursue the matter in a court of law. In some states like Michigan, you have u to three years from the time of the accident to sue the driver.

Who Pays In A Car Accident Lawsuit?

Ordinarily, where the in-fault driver has insurance, the insuring company would pay for the financial compensation as ordered by the court.

Other times, the insurance may be insufficient as a cover. Therefore, the assets of the driver is open to the liability of paying.

Where the driver is not insured, the liability would be limited to his personal asset.

What Happens If Someone Dies In A Car Accident?

Well, the law is compassionate to victims of this caliber. The families of the deceased can bring a wrongful death claim to court. The court would order for them to be compensated where they can establish the case beyond douts.

What Are The Common Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Case

Failure to call the police

As soon as possible, ring the police department and ask them to come to the scene of the accident. This helps to ensure that you have the details with the appropriate authorities.

Avoid sharing on social media

The other party can easily use your social media updates as evidence against you with the hope that the jury would be convinced that your injuries are not as severe as you make them to be.

Do not lie

As much as you would love not to be found guilty. Do not resort to lying to fight your way through such a situation nor should you lie to make your loss bigger than it appears.

By Manali