Bracelets are one amongst the oldest fashion accessory forms, but this doesn’t mean that everybody has always taken the time to work out the ideal way to sport them. There are lots of people who are not sure how to utilize a bracelet properly. If you wish to know more about the perfect ways to wear a bracelet, then read on. With these guidelines, you can surely be confident in styling your bracelets with any attire. 

Watch the sleeve length

One common query that women would wish to know when it comes to bracelets is “Can a bracelet be worn with long sleeves?” You need to first understand how the sleeve length influences your bracelet choice. Wearing a thick bracelet over a fitted and long sleeve can work occasionally, however, this needs commitment to the appearance. In general, it is always best to wear sleeves that end on top of the bracelet. 

Do not overdo things

A whole arm of loud bracelets is typically a fashion blunder unless you are sporting a hippie costume. Stacking some Puravida Bracelets is normally fine, however, professionals suggest that the total bracelet width shouldn’t take up any more than just a few inches of the real length of your arm. If you are doubtful, opt for less. A single stylish tennis bracelet on your arm or a pair of smooth cuffs can be a more distinct statement than loads of bangles that go up on both elbows. 

Consider the outfit

As they are very practical, women just wear the same bracelet on with any outfit they choose. This is not essentially a mistake, however, it does denote that you are not getting the full benefit of your accessories. For a casual outfit such as a sundress, you can opt for bangles or fun beads. When you dress up in graceful styles such as a cocktail gown or a little black dress, you need to opt for timeless pieces such as a tennis bracelet. For a business casual work outfit, you need to go with minimalist simple bracelets for daily use designs to reflect the professional look of the attire. 

Do not give up fit for style

Certainly, bracelet style is significant, however, you need to consider the fit as well. A bracelet that is too big on your arm can distract you often by sliding around and dropping on your arm whilst a bracelet that is too small can hurt or pinch your wrist. For the perfect fit on a bracelet with a hook, you typically should opt for a bracelet that is approximately one inch longer than your wrist circumference. This allows you to have a bracelet that you can barely fit the fingertip under effortlessly. If you adore the look of a particular bracelet but it doesn’t fit you appropriately, then you should consider bringing it to a jeweller to help resize it.

Pick quality pieces

A bracelet has an eye-catching position and so it going to be the focus of your outfit. Your wrists usually are not the spot to exhibit low-priced and badly made jewelry. The best thing about selecting better-quality Adina Eden bracelets is that they tend to last longer. When you come across a bracelet piece that you can envision wearing with several outfits, then you should opt for it. Investing in gorgeous statement pieces can make you feel delightful. You can opt for diamond jewellery for her too. 

Do not overlook the wrist structure

A bracelet just doesn’t match the attire you wear and helps make you look fashionable. It draws attention to your arms as well, so you need to use the bracelet to highlight your body. In general, the rule of thumb is that people with big bones should opt for structural and larger designs while small-boned people should choose thinner, delicate, styles. Longer arms can successfully pull off thicker bracelets whilst shorter arms may accomplish a good look with flexible and thinner pieces. Certainly, this is a general rule of thumb for choosing bracelets, and so you can change them to suit your individual style goals as required. 

By Manali