Angular is a front-end web development framework developed by Google which is based on TypeScript. TypeScript is a superset of JavaScript and because it is an open-source framework, there is a large community of developers contributing to Angular. Angular is used for developing single-page applications and is used as one of the most popular web development frameworks.

Angular is based on TypeScript, which is nothing but– JavaScript. You must have a basic knowledge and understanding of JavaScript to learn Angular. Learning Angular will be easier if the aspirant has a good command of JavaScript together with HTML and CSS. And to know how Angular works is possible only if you have good knowledge of JavaScript.

What Will be the Best Thing for You to Do?

Aspirants can begin with the latest version of Angular, Angular 11 but for that, one must have knowledge about the previous versions. Angular 1.x or Angular JS and Angular 2 (and higher) are totally different. 

How is it Useful?

AngularJS mainly comes in handy for developing (SPA) Single Page Apps. AngularJS is largely utilised to develop a single-page application that is used to beautify and fluidify a website. It also enables the creation of navigating menus, forming an intrinsic section of any website. Creating menus, creating a SPA and it is also used for building web apps, progressive web apps, and apps with dynamic content. 

Benefits of Learning Angular 

The following are listed as the benefits of learning Angular

  1. Developers can swiftly explore other applications like Ionic, Kendo User Interface, Wijmo
  2. It provides an easy way of creating SPAs.
  3. Developers can join the different modules with one another for the purpose of creating a whole app.
  4. The angular tool is useful for developers to create apps on the Desktop, Smartphones, & web.

Here are the Best Agular Design Materials:

  1. Angulr – It is an Admin web application template with Bootstrap 3 and AngularJS. The main features include Magic, Nested routing, Powerful, Nested views, Grunt tasks, etc. 
  2. Material Design Admin with Angular JS – It is a Google Material Design inspired by the admin dashboard template with Bootstrap and Angular JS. It has Google Material Design, Multiple Colour Schemes, Worth with jQuery, Nesting Routing, etc. as its features. 
  3. Materialism – It is based on Angular JS and has Bootstrap3. It offers the best combination of modules and plugins. It is for Material design, clean design, and animations built with Angular JS Bootstrap. 
  4. Materia – Materia helps to find who is online and as many tabs as one wants can be added. It is used for web apps, dashboards, etc. 
  5. Material – The main features include Magic AngularJs, Popular Bootstrap3, Less CSS, Lazy Loading, Bower dependency management, Inbox app, etc. 
  6. Material Design Angular Admin – The features primarily include Responsive design, Light & Dark Themes, Powerful Layout Settings, Work with jQuery, Nested Routing with UI-router, etc.
  7. Material Design Admin Template and Landing – It uses Sass CSS and enables modification and customization. It has a Clean JS Code, offers Web App, powerful layout, Nested routing, Retina Readiness, real-time validation, etc. 
  8. Administri – It is a responsive material design built for AngularJs. The design is attractive and neat. It has three types of dashboards carrying useful UI components. 
  9. Metrika – It comes with directives, custom services, styling, and icons. You can use your own colour combinations to create Material themes. It uses Angular version 1.5 & the component method. 
  10. – is meant for Angular JS by utilising Google’s Material Design framework with customised services, styles, directives, icons, and directives for Angular. You can use many of its components and documentation that it allows. 

Who can Take Up the Angular JS Certification Course?

AngularJS is a preferred framework and is being used by many companies, so even if you are a fresher you can go for the Angular js certification course.

But before taking it up, you must:

  • Update yourself with the latest version of Angular
  • To learn the concepts better and quicker and dedicate time towards practicing some live projects or even taking up some on a part-time basis

A fresher can also get many opportunities as there are many start-up companies coming up and they always welcome people with basic knowledge. Angular 11 is an open-source program so there are a few entities that provide certification however, Google though being a creator of Angular, does not provide any certification.

The course is ideal for:

  1. Aspirants in front-end Web App development
  2. Both freshers and professionals wanting to create scalable one-page apps
  3. Freshers and professionals who want to use client-side web development for web apps

The prerequisites for the course are the following:

  • Basic HTML and CSS Knowledge
  • Intermediate JavaScript knowledge

It all depends on each candidate. Your knowledge and experience in HTML, JavaScript (JS), and CSS matter if you want to take up this great KnowledgeHut Angular JS certification course. Familiarity with TypeScript, ExtJS, Directives, Components, and Pipes is necessary. One needs to spare nearly 3.5 hrs every day for nearly two to three weeks to learn the basics. It would be good if you spend about 2 hours per day in addition to the time you give to your training course sessions. You need to do it all: Study and practise both to gain a complete understanding of Angular.

We can conclude that, Companies like Apple, AT&T, Cisco, Google, Autodesk, Nike, McDonald’s, Udemy, Microsoft, YouTube, Telegram, Upwork, etc use Angular JS. Once you complete your online course, you will be awarded a certificate by the entity which educates you about the same.

Angular JS allows you to use HTML as your template language. You can even extend the syntax of HTML to clearly explain your application’s components very clearly. For building UIs and putting software components all combined, declarative code is considered to be better than imperative one. It is widely adopted and well-known around the globe. People are learning it through various mediums like video courses, blogs, articles, official documentation, podcasts, and so on. There are many websites that provide Angular Certification Training and all you have to do is prepare for it by studying, taking lessons, and doing exercises, as well as taking up quizzes.

By Manali