What distinguishes a memory foam mattress from a standard mattress? It is a kind of mattress. It incorporates a memory foam layer with a spring or other support foam type. Using body heat, memory foam conforms to the contour of your body. This offers individualized support and comfort. The mattress has a reputation for recovering to its former shape after being compressed. Additionally, as time passes, it will figure out your body type, sleeping habits, and other details, earning the label “memory foam.”

Polyurethane is used to make memory-foam mattresses. Since this kind is extremely adaptable, mattresses often employ it. Due to its comfort and other health benefits, the best mattress queen mattresses have become a popular option for many people.


In order to alleviate the intense pressure astronauts experience while entering and exiting the Earth’s atmosphere, NASA developed memory foam in 1970. It improved the cushioning’s ability to absorb pressure for rockets launched into orbit.

The first name for this memory foam that changes with temperature was delayed spring back foam. It was referred to as rage foam at times. Gas was injected into a polymer and matrix combination to create foam mattresses. The foam’s open-cell structure was sturdy and kept its form well when compressed. Patients had to spend an endless amount of time lying on their backs on a firm mattress made of memory foam when it was first utilized in medicine. Patients developed gangrene, or pressure sores, because of their static nature. Over time, this problem grew less prevalent.

These memory foam mattresses cost a lot at first. However, later on, they were reasonably priced for household use, such as mattresses and pillows. It may also be used in hospitals as wheelchair chairs, cushions, and padding.

Important Memory Foam Types and Types: Mattresses

King memory foam mattress often come in two varieties. Which kind is used depends on the mattress’s appearance, feel density, use, and manufacturing method. Memory foam is exclusively used in mattresses and pillows for sleeping. Each kind has a wide range of applications and purposes.

  • Standard Memory Foam
  • Foam Memory Gel Cool

Classic Memory Foam

The most popular and well-known kind of memory foam is the conventional memory mattress. It is constructed of a conventional polymer with a petroleum basis. It is denser than the other varieties and has a considerably softer feel. For those looking for a comfy mattress at an affordable price, a classic memory foam bed is the ideal option. The mattress retains heat because it is thick. It is more heat- and pressure-responsive because of its densely packed structure.

On the contrary, it is quite mild and gives your complete body the necessary comfort. It relieves joint soreness and pain. It is not advised for those who live in excessively hot climates to use foam mattresses.

Memory Foam Cool Gel

Mattresses featuring a layer of cooling gel on top of regular memory foam are called cool gel-based mattresses. Gel memory foam mattresses are softer than regular foam mattresses and offer improved ventilation.

Better airflow is made possible by the gaps between pillows and mattresses. In comparison to regular foam mattresses, the gel memory foam mattress is more robust and will hold its form without losing it for longer periods of time. For anybody who desires both support and comfort, this is the perfect option.

By Manali