HIV prevention is beyond just following a set of basic guidelines. Until and unless you do not understand the transmission of HIV and practice constant hygiene, it is hard to really prevent yourself. You must be willing to go the extra mile to educate yourself and learn about how it is transmitted and study HIV prevention pills and other treatments too. 

Remember, every individual is different. Your immune system plays a huge role in this regard. Some are less vulnerable to the disease than others and knowing the risks can help a lot. 

Basic HIV Prevention Tips:

Here are some of the basic steps that you can take for HIV prevention. 

  1. Understand the Risks:

To begin with, educate yourself about the risks. How can HIV be transmitted? 

HIV is transmitted by semen, blood, vaginal fluid, breast milk, pre-seminal fluid, and rectal fluid. The major transmission cause of HIV is anal and vaginal sex along with shared needles. Likewise, it is crucial to know that HIV cannot be transmitted through kissing, toilet sinks, touching bodies, spitting, or drinking fountains. 

  1. HIV Prevention Pill:

If you are doubtful about exposure to HIV due to any sexual activity that you might have had recently, it is best to opt for the HIV prevention pill. It reduces the chances of growth of HIV in the body by 99%. However, consult a doctor in detail before opting for these pills. They are usually prescribed to people who have a high infection risk. 

  1. Use Condoms:

Condoms are one of the most reliable ways to prevent the transmission of semen and prevent HIV and unwanted pregnancies. Condoms also help in protecting the anal and vaginal tissues. Just like the prevention pills, condoms are an effective prevention tool that can help in reducing the risk.

  1. Do Not Share Intimate Belongings:

We know that HIV spreads through sharing needles. However, avoid sharing intimate items like your razor, etc. with others. People who inject drugs usually are at a higher risk of HIV as they share needles. This further leads to the risk of HIV in their partners as well. Thus, avoid sharing needles with anyone. Keep your intimate belongings to yourself. Avoid sharing undergarments and razors etc. with your friends or even your partner. 

  1. 28 Day Course:

If you have been exposed to HIV and you are lucky to discover it on time; the 28 day course can help control the growth of the disease and cure you. It is extremely helpful in averting the disease. This strategy works excellently if started right away. 


Gone are the days when people were not educated about HIV and could not prevent themselves from its negative impacts. You can easily help yourself by educating yourself as much as possible about this disease and staying cautious. Do not indulge in unnecessary sexual activities and always use a condom to protect yourself to the best that you can. 

By Manali