Without a doubt, emojis have taken our way of communicating with people to the next level. Instead of “haha,” you can just send a laughing face emoji. Instead of just “I love you,” you can add different types of heart emojis and kissing face emojis to emphasize your intention. In today’s digital age, everything is moving in a fast lane. That is why emojis are there to encapsulate the feelings and expressions we want to convey. They make conversations fun, lively, colorful, and exciting. We use some emojis more often than others. However, there are still more unique and fun emojis available you can insert in conversations. Check out this list!

  1. Bot emoji

The emoji collection has enough room for fun with the bot emoji! This emoji changes its look depending on the platform and operating system you use. Generally, it just looks like a tin man. It has a square-shaped robot face with round eyes and knob-like ears. The bot emoji usually has an antenna, but in others, it has grills for a mouth. This emoji gives off futuristic science fiction vibes. Some people use this emoji when they feel like life is dull and repetitive or when they’re talking to a person with a scripted response.

  1. Cowboy hat face emoji

Yeehaw! The cowboy hat face emoji is here! This emoji entered the Emoji 3.0 collection in 2016. It’s the typical yellow-faced smiling emoji, but with a cool-looking cowboy hat. The hat looks just like any other wide-brimmed brown leather cowboy hat. You can use this emoji when you feel a little wild, proud, or victorious.

  1. Cold face emoji

Autumn’s almost over and winter is coming. The cold face emoji will come in handy during the freezing weather. This emoji is another unique expression that you can use to add flavor to the conversation. Added in 2018, the emoji looks pale with gritted teeth. Its icy-blue face even has frostbites. Though frostbites hurt the skin, you cannot resist how cute this emoji looks! You can use this emoji when you want to tell the person you’re up for a good cuddle session.

  1. Exploding head emoji

How do you express shock and complete disbelief at the same time? The exploding head emoji, of course! Introduced in 2017, the exploding head emoji is basically the shocked face emoji, but with its head cracked open and mushroom-shaped smoke coming out of it. It’s the emoji version of the “mind blown” expression.

  1. Fist-bump emoji

Fist-bumping is a gesture of friendship among young boys. If you have not yet seen it, then maybe today is the right time to check it out! As the term implies, the fist emoji shows a fist that can face left or right. These emojis are perfect for setting a good deal with your friend!

  1. An index pointing up emoji

This emoji is the right choice for those who feel thankful and content. The index pointing up emoji is a hand gesture pointing to the sky, thanking God for the abundance of blessings. It’s a racially diverse emoji too! You can use this emoji if you are feeling #blessed and want to thank the heavens for it.

  1. Call me hand sign emoji

Now, this emoji is an interesting one and can mean more than one thing. We saw this sign the first way back in 2016. The emoji is the usual yellow-faced emoji doing a call me hand sign. Just like others, you can also choose the right color based on your preferred skin tone! This emoji is a signal that you’re allowing the person to call you.

  1. Crossed fingers emoji

Wishing for good things to come? You can now manifest this digitally with the crossed fingers emoji! You can also use this emoji to wish for the best about your family or friends. The emoji just shows a hand with two fingers where the middle and index fingers are raised and twisted around each other. It looks exactly like the hand gesture we do when we wish for luck. This gesture dates back even before Christianity when the pagans believe that the cross is a symbol of good luck.

  1. Sign of the horns emoji

Are you ready to rock? This emoji also exudes a lot of coolness. The sign of the horns emoji is the gesture that rockstars or punks usually do. It looks like a hand emoji with the index finger and the pinky raised. People in concerts and parties use this hand signal.

Find the right expression for you

Make your conversations fun and expressive with emojis. You can interpret the emojis however you like, depending on the context of the conversation. The key here is to have fun and develop inside jokes with each other! Visit EmojiGuide.com to discover more emojis and their meanings!

By Manali