The Botox Gist is one many aesthetic-inclined ladies would narrate in hushed tones in the saloons, at work, in the bus, after book club meetings and any other casual place life throw them in together.  Not like they have nothing else to say, or that it is a dangerous talk; but the prevalence of wrinkles helps them do the job.

Okay, here’s it – the United States of America houses millions of wrinkle-faced people, people in the second half of their 30s, and would rather resort to a Botox treatment to get them looking all 20s again. Check here to get Botox in Bristol.

Getting Botox

Now, there’s you – who felt like everything to Botox was a short-timed injection of botulinum toxin into those militant wrinkles on your face.

You may be right. Sorry, but No!

What’s the additional information then? That the toxin relaxes the muscles? Well, yes, but read on.

Getting your first botox seems exciting, but the truth is, you need to undergo well-grounded homework and research on the topic. The absence of this resorted to side effects in some people. Here’s what you need to do before getting Botox:

  • Before getting them, understand that there’s no right or wrong time to start. The goal of Botox is to ensure a life-long and ageless face. The only difference is that younger patients will need lesser products than the older ones, and may resort to ‘Preventative Botox’. However, you need to spell out your treatment goals — there should be a specific reason for the desire to get botox.
  • Research individually. Check out Botox procedures on Instagram or anywhere on the net. Do they really work the way you’d want them to?
  • Consider your aging process. But for aging and the wrinkles that come in handy, there, really, is no need to get botox.
  • Booking for Consultation matters. A more intentional approach to ensuring the right aesthetics for you is to consult a specialist in such a field. It is however safer, in this case, to consult a certified dermatologist or a plastic surgeon. There, you get a professional evaluation of your skin conditions and the required detox measures and procedures. Negotiation may complement this course, although this can only happen when you’re satisfied and convinced of the dermatologist or surgeon.

Now, just like you [don’t] read terms and conditions on a product, getting botox similarly has some background pieces of information guiding the whole process. Let’s check them out.

  • Timing. Botox really does not take time. First, the results are not permanent. It lasts for about 3 to 4 months before clearing off. Secondly, the injecting process takes less than 10 minutes – you could sacrifice your lunch-break to get the procedure.
  • Temporal pain. Just like every procedure that involves injecting, botox only guarantees pain for a short while. Garner a little more strength, and you’d withstand the piercing needle and the heavy contents released into the spot. You have half an hour to be so strong to withhold it.
  • Confinement. You will be advised not to perform certain activities immediately after getting botox. No exercise, no tilting of the head or body, no unprescribed medications for a number of hours.
  • No robot-like expression. The general belief is that , due to the inability to move certain parts of your face, you’d resort to an expressionless being, probably a bit higher in beauty than a robot. Not so. You could actually get yourself smiling for a whole day. You just got a botox procedure, baby! So, smile!

Well, the cost. You could pay between $200 and $300 for about 10 to 20 units of a normal forehead procedure. Quite costly, but affordable. I know, right?

By Manali

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