Being a small business owner, it is hard to settle on easy and affordable marketing tactics. With so many modes of advertising available online, how do you know which mode might work well for your business?

Direct mail is one of the best marketing options for small and local businesses. EDDM postcard printing and mailing helps you reach your customers in no time without much effort, time and money. All you need to do is focus on your services and sales, rest all is taken care of by an efficient direct mail company. With that being said, here are 6 advantages of direct mail campaigns that will help you understand how direct mail can change the image of your brand.

6 Untold Advantages Of EDDM Marketing

Impressive Targeting Abilities

Geo targeting and geo fencing are the two default options that come along with EDDM services. Though these are complex ways of targeting your audience digitally but are effective too. The service is liable to a saturated mailing list with all the addresses on it that fall within the same carrier route. Here the sender or business owner himself can make a choice about the routes that he wants to include or exclude. The choice of carrier routes is made on the basis of age, area, population, home values, income, net worth, number of children, years of education, single or joint family units etc. Postcard mailing is done on the basis of the saturated mailing list that is made keeping in mind above factors. Such lists have the lowest cost per record and lowest postal cost for mailing. The best part of this advantage is that you do not have to know everything. You can simply ask your direct mail provider how to reach your audience and they will get it all done for you within your marketing budget.

It’s Easy to Use

EDDM postcard printing and mailing doesn’t have a lot of features that are difficult to understand. If you have a problem to learn or understand, you do not have to review complex strategies, exclusion of keywords and much more. Here you have simpler ways of getting your job done. You can start with who you want to target. Even the list of targets is not necessary for you to build. You basically have to do nothing much for execution of a well performing campaign or letting your brand reach the doorsteps of the target audience. Pick a product, get its designing done and create a unique design. Once this is done, approve the mailing list and relax. In case you feel sending more than one mailer to every address that comes in the carrier route will make the campaign more effective, you can choose a package that includes such service. With such affordable pricing and long term strategies you can make your campaign successful.

Less Competition in the Mailbox

Now that we live and breathe the internet, most of the marketing world’s attention has moved to online advertising. Hence you get a chance to benefit from this as there will be no major clutter in the mailboxes of your target audience. On an average a person receives 5 physical mails a week rather than 100 mails and 50 ads unread online. As there are not many physical mails, you get to stand out. Get noticed by attractive postcard mailing having offers and discounts on it. These little things make a lasting impression and can boost your brand recognition to another level. With so many unread emails in the mailbox, one physical mail grapes the attention of the recipients. They find it harder not to engage with physical mail than unread email.

Pairs Well With Digital Marketing

Although online marketing has a lower response rate, customers still prefer reading company reviews online, following their social media accounts and knowing about a brand’s media presence. EDDM printing and mailing lets you have the best of both, online and offline, worlds. You get to connect with your customers offline with a door open for online connection through giving your social media links, QR codes and offers that work only online. With all the tracking tools everything can go hand in hand. You can also make use of different marketing tools to generate a comprehensive lead. Giving restaurant menu cards, taking follow ups with Facebook and Google ads etc can help you promote your brand in the best possible way.

Builds Brand Loyalty and Recall

There are many customers who consider and believe that sending direct mails is more liable than online ads. You neither have to be doubtful about the scams nor addresses.

By reaching customers through direct mail, there is a legitimacy added to your brand image and it takes no time for customers to trust you and your brand. Make use of exclusive colors of your logo so that people recognise you from your local storefront. EDDM postcard printing and mailing builds positive interaction between your brand and the prospect. After they are in the list of yur top rated loyal customers, you can reward them with discounts and offers, make them feel special on their birthdays with added benefits and personalized discounts. You can even encourage word of mouth by providing referral codes so that they can pass it on to their friends and family members.

Market Value of Physical Mail

As per the research held recently, direct mails are easier to process menatlly than the digital ones. Human brains are wired to process physical items or visuals more efficiently than the digital one. Direct mails use 20% less cognitive effort than emails and ads online. With physical messages and postcards, the customer tends to get emotionally attached to the brand and create a memorable experience. Items that display on screen are likely to be forgotten but this is not the case with direct mails. EDDM postcard printing and mailing is highly preferred as it can create a memorable impression on the mailer.

With that being said, you know how beneficial direct messages can be in terms of advertising. Only if you work with an experienced direct mail company, you can level up your business game in no time. Think about it!

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