When it comes to strutting your stuff, there is no better time to do it than in summer. 

While many people may assume you can only look stylish if you break the bank, that is not the case at all. Studies have found time and time again that when you feel good about yourself, that will shine through and will add flair to any outfit you are wearing. 

Of course, there is a bit more to it than that when it comes to fashion, as you can feel confident wearing a bin bag, but you won’t turn heads. If you do, it won’t be in the way you want!

So, here are 5 cheap fashion tips you can use to turn heads, without breaking your budget. 

1. Choose Clothes That Fit Your Shape

You may have heard of shapes used to describe women’s shapes, such as hourglass, pear, and triangle. 

In years gone by, you would have had to have clothes tailored to fit your shape, whereas today, you can readily buy clothes to fit your shape, if you know what you are looking for. Of course, you also don’t have to spend a fortune on tailoring! Yes, even cheap plus-size clothing UK are designed to fit different body types, so look in the mirror, take your measurements and of course, dress to fit them. A free tip: pear shapes look great in dresses that have belts. 

2. Accessorize

You may have heard that accessorizing makes the outfit and that is certainly the case in almost everything you put together. 

Aim to complement your current outfit with a matching purse, scarf, or even large earrings, or why not go bigger and add accessories that may not necessarily ‘go’ with your outfit but may cause an interesting look. For instance, if you are wearing a purple dress, why not choose green bangles and earrings to clash but match?

3. Choose Expensive-Looking Clothes

You can get expensive clothes without actually spending the money associated with certain brands. 

For instance, many fabrics (such as badly dyed chiffon) can cause an outfit to look very cheap. But, if you were to invest in a blazer that is hemmed with red trim and is made from shimmery cotton, that has a bit more class to it! One way to get expensive-looking clothes without paying with your life savings is to look online or in thrift stores. Many of these outlets will have fashion labels or classier-looking items if you just dig a bit!

4. Know The Trends

In summer 2022, according to Vogue, bright colors are on-trend. As are single-colored outfits that may be a bit baggy. 

One way you can stay on trend is to look online at the fashion magazines and runways, get some ideas, and then implement them in real life. This is not as hard as it sounds, especially if you are using an online platform to search from. If halter necks are in, then search for halter necks in your size and favorite color.

5. Look After Yourself

Another thing that needs to take priority when you are aiming to turn heads is to make sure you do neglect your skincare regimen or your haircare routine. Both of these seemingly minor things can have a drastic impact on how you look and feel about yourself, so, do not neglect them.

By Manali