There are many benefits to installing a shower standing handle in your bathroom. For the elderly, it can be a great way to get the person back on their feet after an injury or surgery. 

It can also prevent falls and make it easier for them to take care of their personal needs. 

There are various types of handles available for purchase, so if you’re thinking about putting one in your bathroom, there are some things you need to consider before making a decision. 

Here we list 4 best shower standing handles for you to choose from:

Moen R8712D3GBN Home Care 12-Inch Grab Bar with Shelf, Brushed Nickel

The Moen R8712D3GBN Home Care 12-Inch Grab Bar with Shelf, Brushed Nickel is the best shower handle for elderly.

It is easy to install and remove. It comes with a shelf for storage of your belongings like soap and shampoo. 

The price is affordable compared to other brands on the market, but it has an excellent quality that makes it worth every penny.

Shower Handle from Kleekshop 12-Inch Grab Bar with Suction Grip

The Kleekshop shower standing handle, 12-inch, is a simple, white shower standing handle, and comes at a fairly affordable price!

It is easy to install and won’t slip out of your hand when wet, which is something you don’t want for an elderly person who may already have difficulty holding on. 

This bar has a non-slip surface that makes it ideal for those who may be unsteady on their feet. 

The bar itself measures 12 inches long by 6 inches high and lightweight.

Delta Faucet – 46650-RB Gloss Tub Handrail

The Delta Faucet – 46650-RB Gloss Tub Handrail, Venetian Bronze is a great option for the elderly. This handrail has a classic design that will enhance the look of your bathroom. This shower accessory is made from high quality materials, which means it can last for years to come.

It’s also adjustable, so you can set it just right for your needs!

These shower handles will help the elderly stay safe in the bathroom

This shower handle is a great option for the elderly because it can be used as both a handrail and an assistive handle. The long loop on the top of this piece makes it easy for someone to hold onto while getting in or out of the shower (or tub). It also has a hook on its back that allows you to hang towels on it too!

How to Choose Shower Standing Handle

Shower handles come in many styles, but one of the most common is a tubular handle that looks like a water faucet. This style can usually be installed on any showerhead or handheld showerhead, and it allows you to adjust the water pressure by turning the dial. Some tubular handles are made from metal or plastic; others are made with solid brass construction.

If you want to install your own standing handle, make sure that you’ve got plenty of space on either side of your shower head so that it doesn’t interfere with anyone else who might need to use it. 

If possible, choose a location for your new handle that’s close enough for easy access but not so close that someone could accidentally bump into it with their shoulders while using soap or shampoo in their hair—this could cause serious injuries!

Types of Shower Standing Handles

There are a variety of standing handles available. Handles that attach to the wall are the most popular, but if you have a bathtub or shower enclosure, there are also options for those. The type of handle you choose will depend on what you’re looking for in your elderly loved one.

Would you want a shower standing handle that is super sturdy? Then consider drilling a few holes in your bathroom to set it up.

But, if you don’t want to drill, and want to just easily install the handle, you may opt for ones with suction grip. All you have to do is to put it on a smooth surface, and close it up. That’s it!

Handles that attach to the wall can be found at any home improvement store and are easy to install by yourself. This means you won’t have to pay for installation services if it isn’t included with your insurance plan. 

They’re also pretty inexpensive; some cost as little as $20-$30! Handles that attach directly to tubs or shower enclosures require installation from an electrician, which may be covered under your insurance policy if they are determined medically necessary by a doctor. 

These types of handles tend to be more expensive but typically provide more grip than other options because they’re installed firmly into place on top of existing surfaces rather than simply hanging down from them like other models might do when not actively being used (which might make them harder). 

Finally, adjustable versions include both types listed above: they’re mounted securely onto walls and/or bases so users don’t slip off while trying to stand up while also providing increased leverage compared with simpler designs that don’t offer such features (this makes them easier for weaker people).

Can you put shower standing handle on tiled walls?

You can use a shower standing handle on tiled walls. The ones with suction grip are especially easy to put on tiles walls, since you want a smooth surface for those kind of handles.

However, when drilling into the wall you should be extra careful not to crack your tiles or cause any damage that will be visible once you’ve finished putting in the shower standing handle.


We hope this article has helped you understand the benefits of installing a shower handle, and that it made you feel confident in making your decision. 

The four provided handles are great options, but you can look further than them and explore more on the internet.

The best thing to do when choosing a shower handle is to choose one that will fit your needs and add value to your bathroom. 

If you’re still not sure which one is right for you, ask an expert at your local hardware store or DIY store!

By Manali