Lungs’ health, just like other aspects of our physical health, is quite important. While many people suffer from lung health problems naturally, many others buy and trade those problems.

Yes, you have guessed it right! I am talking about the people who smoke!

Since the beginning, talk on lung health takes in one universal advice that inhibits smoking. However, smoking is still a prevalent habit in people of different age groups. Despite mass awareness campaigns and years of research revealing the side effects of smoking, people still opt for it.

Vaping- an emerging trend

In recent years, the conventional smoking trend has been replaced by vaping of e-cigarette. With the rising popularity of these electronic cigarettes, has become a common practice particularly, popular among the youngsters, revealed a ,lungs specialist in Islamabad when we visited for a routine lungs checkup of my father.

Little Known Facts About Vaping

Initially, vaping was presented as the less harmful alternative to smoking and people working in the industry made huge profits out of it. But what’s the truth behind these claims? Is vaping harmless or are people falling prey to this cleverly marketed product?

Let’s explore more about vaping by reading these little-known vaping facts.

  1. 1Just like conventional cigarettes, there are many chemicals present in vape. E-cigarettes contain a harmful chemical known as ,acrolein that is known for its herbicide properties. This toxin is widely used in vapes and is quite injurious to human health. Detailed research is required to understand the components of vape.
  2. There are huge claims that present vapes as the harmless alternative to cigarettes but the truth is that these cigarettes are as harmless as told. Other than acrolein, there are many hazardous chemical substances present in vape including CBD oil, THC etc.
  3. E-cigarette uses a battery to heat the liquid present in them. The liquid inside the vape is vaporized when a vape is smoked. Unlike conventional cigarettes, vaping doesn’t produce smoke as it was odorless as compared to ordinary cigarettes.
  4. When harmful effects of cigarettes are discussed, tobacco is held responsible for this. In contrast to the common cigarettes, it contains nicotine in the liquid form. Upon vaping, this liquid nicotine is vaporized and produces more or less the same effect as tobacco.
  5. Just like ordinary cigarettes, not all e-cigarettes are the same. Based upon the company and the formula used to make a vape, its potency may vary. Some vapes are more harmful than others depending upon the chemicals they are containing. Some vapes are found to release tin-like metals which is quite harmful to your health.
  6. There is a discussion on active and passive smoking and it’s not going to end for our convenience. Similar to that, there is a concept of second-hand vaping that exposes people to the risk. Uncontrolled usage of e-cigarettes can result in lungs cancer can be harmful.
  7. One of the major reasons behind the harmful effect of smoking is tobacco addiction. However, vapes are as addictive as the cigarette. Vaping flavors has a similar effect on the brain as smoking cigarettes which results in addiction.
  8. Though there is a lot of research required to understand the effects of smoking and vaping. But it can be said that vaping isn’t a harmless practice and pose its own risk and dangers. However, to get an idea about the exact consequences, years of research will be required.
  9. Vaping can be bad for your respiratory as well as your immune system. A compromised immune system is an invitation for the disease-causing microorganism and can take a toll on a person’s health.
  10. As revealed, vaping is a less harmless alternative to smoking, it is still not considered to be safe during pregnancy. Smoking while pregnant can increase your chances of stillbirth and other abnormalities a child is born with.


Vaping is generally referred to as the harmless alternative to smoking however, there is a lot of research required to make an informed decision. No matter, how less toxic vaping is, nothing can compensate for the damage it is causing to our lung health.

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