The road to parenting is loaded with many highs and lows. Although numerous factors exist for infertility in men and women, the solution lies only in finding the best infertility treatment.

Ajmer, one of the small, oldest cities and center of Rajasthan, has a conservative mindset. It has a population who is not much aware of fertility treatments, nor do they want to go ahead with that. Although the latest technologies and treatment facilities were not available in this city; but, with the launch of Aastha fertility Center, the best IVF center in Ajmer, people are now much aware of the facilities, advanced technologies, tests to check infertility, and treatment alternatives, giving hope to the people to complete their family.

Any infertile patient’s prime concern is to find an IVF specialist in Ajmer who can genuinely assist them in experiencing parenthood. They narrow down their choice to recognized, skilled IVF specialists with a higher success rate.

However, in this article, we will go over the facts about IVF, associated myths, and how to find the ideal specialist by examining a few of the key criteria for this procedure. 

Myths associated with IVF center

Several misconceptions and myths are associated with reproductive therapies, technologies, and IVF centers. But, almost all of them are due to the lack of basic knowledge about the processes. The following are some of the myths that you should not believe in. Avoiding them will assist you in removing the societal stigma associated with these practices.  

·         IVF can treat all types of infertility issues.

·         The success rate is 100%.

·         Children born with IVF treatment are born with deformities and defects.

·         The IVF treatment is not risk-free.

·         The treatment requires admission to the IVF center.

·         IVF is painful

·         IVF treatment is costly hence only for well-known and wealthy people.

·         The IVF procedure will benefit young couples.

Points To Consider While Choosing IVF Specialist In Ajmer

Although IVF therapy is becoming more popular worldwide, countless couples in Ajmer are still unaware of the realities and facts of the procedure. Infertility affects one out of every six couples. Therefore, it must be strongly contemplated to discover a response. Usually, individuals assume that IVF treats infertile couples and focuses on the procedure of having a “test-tube baby,” which is extremely expensive. To bust the above-said myths about IVF treatment being analytical and attentive while choosing the IVF center to get the best treatment is much required. 

You may consider these 10 points below to compare the cost, expertise, facilities of IVF treatment while choosing the best IVF specialist in Ajmer. 

1.     Experience of IVF specialist

You must select the IVF specialist with several years of experience and recognize the city and state. Feedback from the couples who took treatment from your chosen doctor will help you know their expertise, care, and therapies. Fertility specialists with several years of expertise may help you opt for an effective treatment option. In addition, they have in-depth knowledge of therapies and treatments that may assist you in overcoming various fertility problems.

2.     Recognition of the IVF Center

You can choose the IVF expert based on the competence and reputation of the IVF center. A center is recognized due to the quality treatment provided to the patients, the services, the care it gives to the patients, and the center’s success rate. Visiting a reputed center will help you gain confidence as it already has many positive aspects. 

3.     Number of Treatment Alternatives Available

Checking the availability of infertility treatment alternatives like IUI, ICSI and how efficiently the doctor can perform will help you know that you can choose between having the IVF treatment procedure or therapy. 

4.     Success Rate of the IVF Treatment 

Finding the success rate of the IVF treatment through a particular center will answer almost all your queries associated with the IVF specialist.  You can also check with other couples who opted for the IVF treatment through your chosen center to help you find if the IVF therapy they received was successful or not. If most couples succeed in having a child, they will help you decide the center for IVF treatment with the best IVF specialist in Ajmer.

5.    IVF cost in Ajmer

Many couples drop their plan to opt for IVF treatment because of its cost. So, choosing an IVF specialist who knows how to save the cost of IVF treatment in Ajmer for their patients is the best one to go with.  the best treatment at an affordable price will help you get the privilege of experiencing parenthood. 

6.     Laboratories at the IVF Center

Embryology and Andrology laboratories play a vital role in the IVF treatment process. The center associated with IVF doctors, equipped with the laboratories and availability of diagnostic facilities, will help you get everything done in one place instead of visiting other places for the tests and evaluation.

7.     Customer Support

The existence of a help desk will help you ask any query you have associated with the IVF treatment, therapy alternatives, facilities or care provided, or knowing about the fertility specialists and many other questions you have. Also, while going through the IVF process, you may take assistance from the center’s support staff. 

8.     Facilities and Infrastructure of a Center

Facilities provided by the center and the infrastructure speaks about the IVF specialist. Even if you don’t have other detailed information about the doctor, visiting the center will help you know a lot about the center. 

9. Online consultation Provided by IVF specialist

IVF treatments are usually time-consuming, as you need to visit the center many times, from consultation to choosing treatment alternatives, evaluations, visits for therapy, and many other requirements during the procedure. Hence, online consultation facilities are vital to receiving treatment. If you are not from the same city, you can schedule online appointments, which are as good as offline consultation. It will help you decide whether the center chosen would be feasible for you or not.

10.  Customer Reviews

Reviewing and opinions of the customers over the online platforms will help you know the percentage of positive feedback about the IVF specialist. If most of the views are positive, you may plan to choose the particular expert for your IVF treatment.

Considering all these aspects, you may look through Aastha Fertility Care in Ajmer, which proves up to the mark in every aspect you look at. Choosing this IVF center will help you provide the treatment and care you want. 


IVF treatment is significant for couples who experience infertility, as every couple sooner or later has a desire to become parents. However, it is crucial to choose the best IVF specialist because you don’t want to end up with the stress of having an unsuccessful treatment. So, it would be best to consider a few facts about choosing  Dr. Namita Kotia, the best IVF specialist in Ajmer, as provided in the guide above. 

Aastha Fertility Care is one of the best IVF treatment centers in Ajmer with fertility experts, the best care, infrastructure, and facilities you would prefer in a clinic.

By Manali