Minecraft 1.19 (Wild Update) is a major update that was released on June 7, 2022. This update completely changed the swamps in the game, populating them with new mobs, blocks, and vegetation. Also, the long-awaited mobs finally appeared: the keeper and the quiet one. This update has 1 experimental build and 1 preview build. So, below let’s know what’s new in Minecraft 1.19. See below…

What’s New In Minecraft 1.19:

The next global patch for Minecraft is called The Wild Update and the version number is 1.19. In it, players are waiting for several updated biomes, new blocks, monsters, and vehicles at once. Multiplayer servers remained mostly unchanged.


Another block that can be utilized for building and finishing. To get a soil block in Minecraft, you want to utilize a water bottle on a dirt block. Soil can likewise be transformed into dirt. To do this, you really want to place a block of soil over the block from which the tapered rock hangs – after some time, it will coax dampness out of the soil and transform it into dirt.

Ancient City:

A structure that can be found in the dark depths. The main blocks of this structure are basalt and deep schist. The structure contains chests, candles, and skulls. This is newly added in Minecraft 1.19.

Boats with Chests:

A new variation of boats that players have been requesting for a long time. On such a boat it is convenient to raft along the river, for example, to collect a resource or transport things between different places. This is newly added in Minecraft 1.19.

New Mob Allay:

Minecraft will add the winner of the previous custom monster voting – Allay. It is a flying blue creature that looks like a fairy and is able to collect items for the player. To do this, Allay needs to be configured by giving it the appropriate item: the monster can only collect one type of item, no more than one stack (64 pieces) at a time.

To get items from Allay’s inventory, you need to use a note block – according to the plot, Allay loves to dance. The developers have clarified that it will be possible to bind different Allays to different note blocks.

Mangrove Trees:

A new plant that can grow on land or underwater. It differs from other trees in its structure, and foliage and has massive roots that can also be cut down. Externally, the mangrove tree and the wood from its blocks are similar to tropical wood.

Mangrove Swamps:

A new variation of regular swamps differs from regular swamps in that mangrove trees grow here. This is newly added in Minecraft 1.19.


Another new mob – apparently also peaceful. Several types of frogs will appear in Minecraft at once, which can be found in different biomes. There are three types of frogs – snow, common and tropical. They are often found in places with water lilies and a large toss. After mating, the frogs lay tadpoles. It is unknown if anything will drop from these mobs.

Biome Update Deep Dark:

The biome was turned into a kind of underground city with unique blocks and treasures. New, very rare underground biome. Of the mobs, only the overseer has a natural generation here, in fact, mobs do not spawn here at all. In this biome, you can find candles, skalk and its types, as well as chests.

Skull Catalyst:

In the event of the death of a monster next to this block, it turns the blocks around it into a rolling pin – the transformation radius depends on the amount of experience that the monster has dropped. Rock blocks, rock vine, and rock sensors will appear in the game – all of them can be obtained, as well as a catalyst.

Skalkovy Screamer:

If the player activates a rock sensor next to a screamer, the sensor will activate the screamer. After that, the block will make a characteristic sound and impose the Darkness effect on the player, which reduces the viewing range. This is newly added in Minecraft 1.19.


An incredibly hazardous group that can immediately kill the player. The Guardian is visually impaired, so it very well may be occupied by tossing things. Be that as it may, he will in any case leisurely methodology the player, in light of the fact that, notwithstanding vibrations, he is directed by smells.

Birch Forest:

The developers showed the concept art of the updated biome with birch trees – it is not known whether there will be any innovations associated with it, or if this is just a decorative change in the generation.

By Manali