Situations often cause knee pains we know as injuries, be it a sprain, dislocations, fractures, and all others. All of these are capable of causing serious discomfort to the person affected. However, aside from these pains, we are all familiar with, some medical conditions can warrant knee pain with no injury.

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Do you want to discover some of these medical conditions capable of causing pain without an injury?

Let’s check out some of these conditions!

Medical Conditions That Cause Knee Pain Without Injury

Rheumatoid arthritis

This is a medical condition that should not be taken with levity. This pain is usually known to affect both knees and not just one. It is quite similar to osteoarthritis but it is not the same thing. It comes with swelling and stiffness of the knee, causing severe pain that may go overboard if necessary actions are not taken to curb it.


The tendons are tissues known to connect the muscles. In a situation where the tendons begin to stiff and then cause pain, it is known as tendinitis. The tendons are important places of the knee; when they start to wear or tear, it could be a serious problem. This could be due to over stress and the likes. It could cause sudden knee pain too.


This is a situation where there is a strange swelling at the back of the knee. It is associated with unknown swelling and also redness. This is capable of causing serious discomfort if not discovered early. It is important to look into it at its early stage to avoid further discomfort.


Osteoarthritis is a situation where there is inflammation in the knee. This comes in swells and sometimes tenderness of the knee. Osteoarthritis is mostly caused by having a bad posture or a past injury. It could cause serious discomfort sometimes.

Baker’s cyst

This is when you begin to notice a swelling at the back of the knee, restricting movement. The swelling is said to be a cyst that contains a fluid. Sometimes, it could fade away by itself; in other circumstances, you might need a medical surgeon to operate it.

Causes Of These Knee Conditions

Bad posture

Bad posture is capable of causing a knee condition. Most times, people tend to stand in abnormal positions, and when that position is maintained constantly for a long period, it may cause a knee situation.

Untreated injuries

Some people might have had dislocations or sprains that they left untreated. Some of these things may heal themselves, but they can become a thorn in the flesh later in the future. You shouldn’t be ignorant of your health. Pay attention to very little things that pertain to your body.

Now that you have seen all of these, you know some things that can cause knee pain without injuries. As stated earlier, pay attention to your health so that you do not fall victim to some of these conditions.

By Manali