The summer heat is on the horizon, as the weather continues to warm up. An evaporative cooler, also known as the swamp cooler, is a good way to cool down. You may not realize the additional benefits they offer.

Let’s look closer at these earth-friendly, multifunctional cooling machines.

What Evaporative Swamp Coolers Do?

Evaporative coolers use water and wind to cool the air. A reservoir of water is filled with thick media pads. Water can also be used to fill a garden pipe. A powerful fan blows hot air through the media pads. Air is cooled, refreshed, and then distributed through the surrounding environment, dropping temperatures by as high as 20-25°C.

Swamp Coolers Keep Bugs Away

Insects also love summer. These insects are not pleasant additions to outdoor entertainment. Outdoor-rated evaporative coolers can provide up to 11,000 cubic feet of airflow per minute (CFM), which sweeps away bugs from outside tables, deck chairs, and poolside couches.

Redirect Smoking With An Evaporative Cooler

The summertime classic of a Bar-B–Q or Cookout can be a nuisance due to the smoke coming from a grill, especially when it is blowing in a variable direction. The airflow of a swamp cooler can be used to direct that smoke away from your family and close friends. You can use these versatile machines as fans in the fall. Their powerful airflow can sweep away smoke from fire pits and campfires.

Swamp Coolers Freshen Stale, Dry Air

Evaporative coolers not only keep the temperature low but also add moisture to your air. This can be a big advantage for people who live in hot, dry areas. The cooler uses water and the cooler’s air also contain moisture. This makes the cooler feel cool, fresh, and like being near a waterfall. An evaporative cooler, which is not to confused with misting fans or misting fans, adds moisture to the air before it leaves the cooler. So it doesn’t spray mist and water drops don’t cover your furniture. The cooler can capture pollen by capturing it as the cool air blows through the environment, indoors or out.

Keep Pets Cool

An evaporative air cooler can come in handy when you have to travel and your pet must stay home. This cooler will cool indoor pets by connecting them to a garden-hose water supply. Keep larger animals cool in a barn, stable, or another enclosed area. Swamp coolers can also be used to cool pets in kennels, veterinary clinics, and other places where they are needed.

Double As A Powerful Fan

You can use heavy-duty Evaporative Coolers with high CFMs, without needing water, by switching to the “Fan only” mode. This allows them to be used as fans for large areas of uncooled commercial space like warehouses or garden supply stores. These fans have oscillating louvers, which allow for airflow to be distributed over a larger area. This allows customers and workers to stay comfortable and keeps bugs away.

Multifunctional Machine

You can use evaporative coolers indoors and outdoors.

By Manali