If you are growing increasingly frustrated with your game of golf and you would like to make some changes then it is possible to get around the golf course taking less shots if you know exactly what you are doing. Many people always talk about having to change your golf swing, but this is the way that you naturally hit the ball and so it is something that shouldn’t be played around with because it is why you are comfortable playing the game. You have probably seen fellow players negotiating their way around the full 18 holes and although their swing doesn’t look like anything out of the ordinary, they are making their way around getting low scores.

This is what you want to be aiming for and so when you are sitting in your comfortable 2 seat golf cart and contemplating what parts of your game that you can change, you might want to think about these simple changes that will help you to be a better golf player and to improve your overall golf game.

  • Try to keep the ball on the ground – You need to be taking lesser risks when it comes to your shots and so it makes a lot more sense to keep the ball on the ground and to play the short game whenever possible. If you were always tempted to hit the ball in the air then there is a lot more things that can happen at there like a change in wind direction that will push your ball further from the green and so you end up having to take more shots to get the ball into the hole.
  • Play defensively – It can be very tempting to hit the difficult shot just so that you can show your fellow golfers that you can play the game and that you can put the ball where you want it to go. Your pride however is going to end up damaging your overall score and so it makes a lot more sense to just take the simple shot as well so that the score on your card remains low when playing at the top golf courses. A defensive game is the best game every single and although it may be boring to play and to watch, you will be winning a lot more cups and medals to hang on your fireplace.
  • Use technology – There is so much technology out there that is designed to help your golf it and so you shouldn’t be afraid to use it whenever you can. If you are playing on a golf course that you are not familiar with then some of these great devices can tell you how many yards that it is to the whole and it will also tell you where the bunkers are hidden.
  • Don’t take it all so seriously – There is no doubt that golf can be an incredibly addictive game and many play numerous rounds a week trying to improve upon their overall game. You need to try to stop taking yourself so seriously when it comes to the game of golf and you need to remember why you took it up in the first place. You are stressed and you need something to help you relax like a long holiday and so try to become more realistic in your expectations.
  • Control your mood – It can be very tempting to smash your clubs into the green after making a poor shot and to scream and to rant as you make your way around all of the holes. This negativity however is affecting your overall golf game and you need to start taking a breath and accepting that you played a poor shot and just move on.

These are just a few simple changes to your overall game that can dramatically improve your overall score and if you work on your short game a lot more then you will notice results almost immediately. If you have a club that you love using, then don’t be afraid to use it for almost every single shot and if you take the time to use it for all aspects of your golf game then it will become second nature to you.

By Manali