When you ask people to describe what the delivery process should look like, they will probably say that it is a guy in a white van carrying a box into a home or business. They don’t specify that the item will arrive at a particular date and time and many people accept this kind of service and they do regard it as good enough. However, there is a much higher level of service out there when it comes to getting your items delivered on time and in sound working condition. It is called white glove logistics and it is changing how stores deliver items to their customers. Gone are the days when people were happy to stay in all day waiting for a delivery to arrive and now they expect more from their retailers. Everything nowadays is all about customer service because it is the one thing that separates you from your closest competitor.

Figuring out if white glove delivery is perfect for your business comes down to the items that you sell and whether or not you want them to arrive at their final destination in one piece. If you are an electrical retailer, if you sell technical machinery and if you are an antiques dealer or a wholesaler that sells expensive office furniture, then it’s highly likely that white glove logistics would be perfect for your business. The key now is finding the right logistics provider who can give you a white glove logistics experience and providers like Rhenus High Tech are the perfect choice in this regard.

They just don’t provide you with a delivery service because not only will items arrive at their final destination, but they can also be installed as well. The old piece of equipment can also be taken away and disposed off in an environmentally friendly fashion and service doesn’t really get any better than this. There are many benefits to your business of adapting white glove logistics and the following are just some of them.

  • Much improved customer service – As was mentioned briefly before, customer service is the name of the game and it is the one thing that can separate you from your many different competitors. Customers need to know when the items will arrive and they need a specific date and time so that they’re not sitting around waiting. Customers constantly complain about the type of delivery service that is offered to them and even though you have done all of the hard work in getting them to buy from you in the first place, the sale is not finished until the customer receives their items.
  • A better customer experience – All businesses know that the word-of-mouth is an incredibly effective method and so providing a customer experience like no other should be your goal every single time. When you engage in the services of a professional logistics company that offers white glove logistics, then you are providing your customers with the ultimate customer experience and they will tell their friends about it. They will enjoy your services and they too will tell their friends and so on. It is called the domino effect and before you know it your customer base has increased tenfold.
  • Reduced breakages & returns – It is increasingly unlikely that your business will experience any of these two things because white glove logistics always gets items to their final destination on time and in one piece. It should also not be left up to the customer to handle an expensive piece of equipment and then to install it themselves. White glove logistics provides an installation service and they will also take away the old piece of equipment as well. This reduces the amount of breakages and returns to your business and this can only have a positive effect on your overall profits.

If you are a business owner and you want to be able to offer something that your competitors cannot, then it’s likely that they are not taking advantage of white glove logistics and so this provides you with the perfect opportunity to offer exceptional customer service. Buying an item, getting it delivered on time and on the date specified and then having it installed provides the ultimate customer experience.

By Manali