Putting on a brand-new roof is widely regarded as one of the most significant and beneficial improvements that can be done to a house. An additional advantage is that you will have the opportunity to modernize the exterior of your property entirely. 

Because doing so will increase the curb appeal of your property for many years into the future, selecting the appropriate color combination for the roof and siding of your home is vital. The process of selecting a new color scheme for the exterior of your home can be both thrilling and intimidating at the same time. 

While the process can be exhilarating, it can also make you feel scared. When selecting a new roof, you can make things easy on yourself by sticking with the color of your existing roof or the color that your roofing contractor recommends. Because there are so many various alternatives, it is essential to seek the advice of an expert regarding the color combinations that would work best for your roof and siding. 

It is because there are so many different options, visit this website for more info https://lowcostroofingva.com/. By re-roofing, re-siding, or completely redoing the exterior of your home, which are all solutions you may use to achieve this goal, you can achieve the ideal house and roof color combination you will adore for many years. You will be able to enjoy this combination for a very long time.

Tips to Find The Right Color For Your Roof

With so many choices, it might not be easy to pick a color for your roof. Going backward is a better strategy for certain homeowners when making a decision. Choosing a hue can be difficult, so keep these tips in mind while making a decision.

  • Choosing the right materials

Your home’s appearance will be greatly influenced by the materials you choose. You can choose from clay, slate, concrete tiles, asphalt shingles, and metal roofs to give your property a distinct look and feel. To further complicate matters, each look will have a unique texture. Spanish-style homes look excellent with red or tan clay tiles. Slate is a beautiful material for many homes but is also quite pricey.

  • Make sure your colors match

Consider the color of your home’s siding and windows. Is there a color that would look good with them? No, I don’t think that’s necessary. It’s not always a good idea to paint your roof bright. It’s important to remember that your roof is the largest surface area in your house. Brown, grey, or black can accentuate green, red, yellow, or any other color.

  • Permanent features

When deciding on the color of your residential roof, keep any permanent features, such as a brick or stone facade or conspicuous landscaping. Because these parts will last longer than the roof, having them work together is a good idea. Fiber cement siding, erected within the last year, has a lifespan equivalent to the roof; thus, this also applies to it.

  • The architectural style should be acknowledged

Choosing a roof for your house should be based on the overall design of the building. For example, red roofs are common in country-style homes. An optical illusion can be created with the color of the roof. Dark colors make a house appear smaller, while those that are light tend to make it appear larger.

  • Don’t use your current color as the default.

In the case of a strict HOA, you do not need to choose the same color or material for your new roof as your old one. It is your opportunity to improve your property’s curb appeal or modernize its appearance. Even if you don’t currently have metal, composite shake, or architectural shingles on your roof, you may want to look into them. Allow yourself to stray from the norm for a while since this is likely the only time you do this.


Whether you want to remain in your home for the long term or have plans to sell it shortly, selecting a color for your home that increases its curb appeal can greatly impact how long your property will remain in its current state. 

You may not realize how much your roof influences the visual appeal of your home, which is why choosing the appropriate shingle color to complement your house’s color is crucial.

By Manali