WPC fence panels are a popular fencing material. How much do you know about WPC, a newly emerged material in indoor & outdoor decoration? It has been widely used as WPC fence panels, WPC wall panel, WPC decking, etc. For a variety of needs, you may be considering installing a fence. Then, WPC fence panels are a recommended option. Why? This article gives you the details.

What are the factors that influence the choice?

There are many factors to consider when choosing an outdoor fence, including location, weather conditions, the need for the fence, budget, and your budget for post maintenance time. The next detailed analysis is for you.

Climate conditions

To choose the right fence, you also need to consider the weather and surroundings of your area. Weather conditions can limit the choice of material type to some extent. For example, if you live in a strong wind area, you will need to choose a fence with high wind resistance when selecting a fence. In addition to traditional wood privacy fences, other types of fences such as metal fences, wood-plastic composite fences, chain link fences, etc. are all recommended.

If you live in a coastal area, you need to avoid metal fences that will rust due to seawater and moisture and wooden fences that are easily corroded. Wood-plastic composite fence is less affected by external climate conditions and temperature changes, so it is applicable to a wide range.

The need to install fences

Different types of fences can fulfill different functions. Therefore, the purpose of installing a fence is important for choosing the right type of fence. Wood plastic composite fences are also available in a variety of styles and are used to meet a variety of different needs. The following for several commonly used types.

Wood plastic composite privacy fence, while protecting privacy, also has a very good decorative effect. The wood texture, long-lasting and distinctive colors, and different design styles from different manufacturers can create a unique private space. Wood plastic composite windproof fence, strong and durable, also suitable for strong wind areas.

Wood plastic composite acoustic fences are sound-absorbing and sound-isolating, effectively mitigating all kinds of noise in your living space. The higher the height of the fence, the better the sound insulation effect, but you need to refer to the local building codes.

Initial purchase and installation budget

It is also important to consider your budget range. Wood plastic composite fences do not have an advantage in terms of the initial price, which is similar to the initial price range of metal fences. It is one of the more expensive types of fencing. But it can be beneficial for a long time. It has a longer replacement cycle than other materials, and the cost of post-maintenance is almost zero. It has an advantage in terms of cost-effectiveness.

Time budget for post-maintenance

The weather resistance of outdoor decorative materials determines their maintenance requirements to a certain extent. The wood-plastic composite material itself has good weather resistance, including anti-corrosion, insect resistance, water and moisture resistance, anti-cracking, etc., so it can be maintained in good condition even in a harsh environment. And there is no need for annual maintenance like wood fences. It is recommended that you perform cleaning once or twice a year.


This article has introduced you to how to select the right fence by considering all aspects. As well as the weather resistance, features, price range, and maintenance needs of wood plastic composite fence panels. As the performance of wood plastic composite fences is gradually upgraded, they can also meet the needs of more people.

By Manali