Podcast Hosting Software

Podcasts perceive to be an easy form of content, but from the initial idea to editing to hosting it, a lot goes behind the making of it. All include a proper procedure, and one mistake can set you off to start all over again, which, of course, can demotivate and frustrate you. Nonetheless, going through this complete guide will encourage you and guide you through everything stepwise, making your dream podcast easily come to life.

The Planning Process

  • Choosing a genre

 You will need a particular topic or genre to start with. Keep in mind to go for a broad topic. Something that you can talk about for at least 100+ episodes, and later when you get popular, you can expand your topic accordingly.

  • Episode format

Length: Don’t go for others’ opinions on deciding how long you want your podcast to be. There is no secret time limit. Record an episode according to your liking and the length to where you can talk. Just make sure not to go off-topic.

Style: If you have a friend or someone you want as a co-host, make sure they are in for it for the long term or start a solo show and involve guests later. You can also make it an interview session.

Gear Selection

Investing in good-quality gear will result in quality podcasts. Purchase lasting equipment, so you don’t have to run to the hardware store every now and then. Audio quality microphones, soundproofing tools, and noise cancellation headphones are equipment you can start well with.

Audio Recording & Editing

If you haven’t edited or recorded media files on software before, then even simple editing can be intimidating. Not being familiar with audio production terminology can be difficult. However, apps like Melon are suitable for beginners. Melon has the leading podcast hosting software that allows you to 

  • Enjoy audio cleanup
  • Add music, banners, and themes
  • Get together your audio segments neatly
  • Enable direct hosting of your episodes.

Hosting Your Podcast

Just as webpages and blogs require a web host. Your podcast also needs a media host. Hosting platforms can get confusing and costly but go for the one that matches all your requirements 

 Melon is one of the best hosting software in the market. It is also a web-based live streamer, so you don’t need to install or learn any complex editing hosting analogies to get up and stream your podcast. Melon also gives you a choice between a free plan and a pre-paid plan. Consistency and practice are key to popular podcasts. Planning them well, laying out a schedule for your episodes, and diligently editing them is essential. Getting your dream podcast running is not impossible if you choose the right gear and podcast software. Selecting a software like Melon that features editing, recording, and hosting your podcast in a professional way will make things fun and manageable. You will have a successful podcast episode and a fantastic audience in no time.

By Manali