Automating one’s T&E (travel and expense) process is one of the most highlighting aspects he/she can do for the business. There are multiple reasons and benefits included. The business can maximize ROIs and minimize the t&e spend. Thus, there is no added value, saving both time and money. Manually creating, evaluating, reconciling, and reimbursing the travel expense claim is time-consuming. Incorporating the right T&E tool and switching from manual to automated makes the process hassle-free.

Minimal spending and maximum returns

When a business incorporates a travel and expense tool, one can automate and enforce compliance at every level of expense entry. This is necessary to limit or eliminate non-compliant travel claims. Furthermore, the business can also set a tolerance point that accepts and respects the financial policy of the company and empowers potential employees, thereby restricting contradiction.

Travel and expense automation can be helpful in the following ways.

  • Streamlines the whole business process, enabling one to view the business as a whole or in part, thereby saving time.
  • With online archiving, receipt tracking is possible even with a smartphone. This improves the satisfaction of both controllers and users as the process is simplified and faster.
  • The incidences of errors and fraud are limited.
  • There is better budgeting and cost-control
  • Automation also backs the scaling of the business, which is helpful in rapid company growth, without expense management concerns.

More efficient and better profitable travel planning

Automating the entire t&e spend process, there is assurance that enables efficient and more profitable travel planning, particularly meant for businesses. When there is an expense tool customized to the needs, a business can create a travel pre-approval to assure the employees can seek advantages of flight deals and offers. With clear policies, and a robust expense tool, there is a streamlining of the process enabling data-driven decisions at every level in the company.

With automation, integrated spending or expenditure reports give actionable insights. It acts as a guide based on the T&E budget segregated into flights, meals, overnight stays, and entertainment. When there is precise budgeting, it means there is a better fund allocation. Having a comprehensive view of the expenses can be an eye-opener for some and also promote awareness to make the most out of the funds available.

Cost-saving and less time-consuming

An automated expense tool allows users to log in to their expenses using smart devices. One can easily upload receipts via a smartphone application, which allows mobility on the go. There is a lot of free time to invest in high-added-value tasks. This also indicates that one doesn’t have to spend time dealing with inefficiencies in the process. When there are happy employees, it also means productive employees.

Business managers approve requests via their smartphones, assured of legal policy compliance. Implementation of automated T&E tools streamlines non-compliant items for further assessment. This helps the approver and the controller to concentrate on things that matter the most.


Investing in an automated t&e spend management tool can prove to be advantageous for a business. It is one of the most efficient ways to minimize expenditure and maximize ROIs for businesses. When there is organized travel planning including the budget, it is both cost, and time-saving.

By Manali