The legalization of cannabis has given a tremendous rise and growth to the industry. The cannabis industry has broken new ground to many of the states in the USA and Canada. The recreational use of cannabis is one good reason behind the surging industry. Many startups and business foundations are getting funded by the manufacturers to improve and augment their farming, branding, distributing and manufacturing processes. All the physical stores and medical weed dispensary Toronto is serving in Canada are backed by mergers and acquisitions. The dramatic change in this industry has led ways for companies to gain prominence in the fast-paced environment.

The continuous improvement in law regarding cannabis is giving it a legal status and building ways up for success. However, Cannabis dispensary Toronto and many other dispensaries might face certain challenges ahead of the year despite the drug being legal in the country.

  • The cannabis industry is growing and it alone is expected to generate business worth $30 billion till 2025 in the USA alone.
  • The stigma associated with drug consumption is another challenge for the industry for years to come.
  • Significant improvements have been made in the law of drug consumption however still there are certain challenges linked with the legality of the drug.
  • Legal rules and policies where on one hand will change the factor, but still there are certain voids that need to be filled to avoid future failures.
  • Banking services might get affected as the industry largely has to deal with cash.

Changing Landscape of Doing Business

The evolving and growing role of the cannabis industry is making a significant mark on the landscape of doing business. The legality of the drug has left a drastic impression in different states of the world. The different laws on its distribution, production, usage and growth have also made and left an impact over the industry.

Initiating or investing in cannabis is not an easy task. The regulatory rules make it a bit more difficult to rule out one’s own identity. There are also so many uncertainties involved in regarding the future of this drug that might hurt the nature of doing business. The legality has although somehow removed or one can say reduced the uncertainty associated with this industry.

Other addiction industries including alcohol, tobacco and other pharmaceutical industries are stepping into this industry and making huge investments. Many other firms and industries intending to step into this field are having positive vibes based on the new legal status of the drug. Seeing the potential of the medicinal drug the tobacco and alcohol industries are making their space in the market.

International Market

International market plays a game changing role in holding, initiating or investing in a business. The International market is a complicated space when it comes to cannabis and other medicinal drugs. The local legalization decisions leave a lasting impact on doing business. For example cannabis might get legal in some states but illegal at the federal level. This calls for an effective plan to enter the international market.

The companies that are planning to enter into the cannabis industry need to forecast the financial barriers, operation procedures and restructure themselves accordingly. Other formalities might include the import, export patterns and operational costs.

Many investors are looking into the Canadian market to expand their business within the legal boundaries. They are looking for clues in the Canadian market to scale-up their business operations.

Challenges Ahead

New products will prove to be a challenge for the cannabis industry. CBD products, hemp, vaping have already taken the industry by storm and there is always room for innovation. However one thing that needs attention is that not every product will leave a significant impact over the industry. But rapid transition within the same industry might cause serious challenges.


One cannot negate the stigma associated with drug consumption. The legal laws and policies might have reduced the impression but it is not totally over. It would take time for the illegal status to be deemed that would require proper and long term marketing strategies, planning and discussion to slowly diminish the negative status.

By Manali