You may consider reporting a case of medical malpractice against a healthcare institution or a doctor. However, you have to understand how to go about it and the necessary condition to be met. Read about wernikes korsakoff disease, the product of vitamin B1 deficiency.

If you ever wanted to know how to file a medical malpractice report, read on.


What Are The Requirements In Medical Malpractice Cases?

Since each state has special requirements spelled out for anyone who wishes to claim medical malpractice, you have to know and adhere to the rules to ensure a successful claim.

The statute of limitations

The statute of limitation is the required timeframe within which you must file and submit the medical malpractice claim. Generally, the time frame ranges between six months to two years starting from when the injury is caused. However, the start of the countdown is determined by each state. In some states, the countdown starts immediately when the injury is caused while in some, it starts counting when the injury is discovered.

If the countdown is completed before you make a move to file a medical malpractice lawsuit, your claim would decline, no matter how severe the injury is.

Go through a special medical malpractice review panel

Before you can present a medical malpractice claim in court, you must first present the case before the review panel. The panel consists of experts in the medical field, who will listen to arguments, and review the evidence and expert testimonies to decide if the claim is actual medical malpractice. Though, they can’t prevent your claim from being presented in court no matter the nature of their conclusion. However, the court relies strongly on their findings and conclusion to judge your claim.

Make notice of the medical malpractice

In some states, before you will file a medical malpractice claim, you will have to present a notice of medical malpractice to the affected doctor or healthcare institution. The notice will involve the documentation of description concerning the malpractice.

Prepare expert testimony

An expert’s input in the case of your medical malpractice claim is very crucial. The work of the expert testimony is to hear the testimony of a medical expert about how the malpractice ensued. However, some cases of malpractice claims do not require expert testimony because of how obvious they are, such as in a case where a doctor forgot a surgical towel inside the patient after surgery.

Get help

Because the rules and procedures in filing medical malpractice vary from state to state, it is advisable to get help and directives directly from a lawyer. 

Where Do I Report A Medical Malpractice?

You have to understand the requirement to be met before you can file a medical malpractice claim. Next, where will you go to report your claim?

State medical boards

Having gotten the general requirements, as explained earlier in this article, for filling a medical malpractice claim, the next is to locate your state’s medical board and submit your medical malpractice claim. A lawyer in your state can guide you on how to locate your state’s medical board. The process to lodge the claim is varied from state to state, so get additional information from your lawyer.

In case you wish to make known the medical malpractice you suffered so that other people will take note for future purposes, you might want to use ‘consumer review sites,’

By Manali