Planning to buy bulk furniture from China and worried that you might have to compromise with the quality of the chair, bed, bag? We know how tough it gets to look around for the best manufacturer in a big country like China, especially for bulk quantities.

Despite its reputation for creating substandard products, China is the world’s largest producer of furniture. According to a recent survey, China has over 50,000 furniture manufacturers. When sourced in Canada, the USA, the UK, Australia, and India, Furniture from China is relatively affordable and significantly cheaper than retail prices.

China’s business ecosystem of connected suppliers, component makers, and distributors has grown to make the country a more efficient and cost-effective manufacturing location. Billions of dollars are spent every year importing unique and durable furniture from China.

You can find these wholesale suppliers from China in many ways by visiting China or sitting at home and scrolling on the internet. This article will recommend the best ways to find a trustable manufacturer for your bulk furniture demands.

Ways To Find A Trustable, Verified Supplier In China

Furniture makers in China are strategically located throughout the country, making importing easier, even for the worldwide furniture market. The majority are close to Hong Kong, Shanghai, Shenzhen and Ningbo providing you with various possibilities for custom furnishings. There are several ways of how and where you can find reliable pre-designed and custom furniture manufacturers from China.

1. Furniture fairs from China

Attend furniture fairs in China to find a genuine and unique furniture manufacturer. After you speak to desirable suppliers, they will ask your business card to follow up with you after the fair. Below are the three most significant and most popular fairs in the country:

  • China International Furniture Fair
  • Canton Fair Phase 2
  • China International Furniture Expo

2. Furniture sourcing agent

If you cannot visit furniture producers in China personally, you can hire a furniture sourcing agent or traders to purchase the desired products on your behalf. Sourcing agencies have connections with high-end furniture manufacturers throughout China. However, do take note that you will be paying 3-5% extra as commission on the sale.

3. Business websites or Social Media like Alibaba or Facebook

Alibaba is a well-known site for purchasing Chinese furniture online. It is the world’s most extensive list of B2B suppliers and, in fact, the best marketplace for locating low-cost, high-quality goods in bulk . Make queries if you find a manufacturer’s website that appears to be authentic.

Sunnshine International Co. Ltd.– A Professional Manufacturer From China for Buying Bulk Traveling And Leisure Goods

After the pandemic, wholesalers from Canada, The U.S., UK, India, and Australia worldwide face difficulties visiting China to buy furniture. It has led to the growth of online purchasing of bulk furniture from websites like Alibaba or a direct portal. One of the manufacturers that are well known for selling bulk furniture to these countries via online platforms is Sunnshine International Co. Ltd.

The company provides a range of modern furnishings and travel goods with a reasonable warranty period. All the products manufactured or sold at the website are available in different colors, stains, and finishing, making your product range stylish. Other than this, the platform has a well-secured and safe payment system. You can scroll down to a variety of products categorized under:

  • Beach Chair
  • Folding Chair
  • Muslim Prayer Chair
  • Wooden Chair
  • Duffle Trolley Bag
  • Luggage Bag
  • Mountain Bag
  • Folding Bed
  • Smart Chair
  • Cartoon Chairs

Why is Chinese furniture Better Than Other Manufacturers?

The Chinese suppliers recognize the value of environmentally friendly furniture. Environmentally friendly furniture is free of any toxic chemicals, such as fake odors and formaldehyde, which can harm one’s health.

Furthermore, Chinese furniture can be somewhat unique (OEM). According to traditional Chinese furniture manufacturers, Nails and glue shorten the life of furniture because nails rust and glue can come away. They create furniture that lets all elements connect without screws, glue, or nails. When crafted of high-quality wood, this sort of furniture lasts for decades.

Along with the ODM design quality, China’s manufacturing costs are low. With abundant availability of raw material, lower-wage workers, and massive support from the government, China can maintain cheap dirt prices of high-quality furniture pieces.

Also, they sell furniture directly through their ports and harbors such as Qingdao, Shandong, Hongkong, Guangzhou Port, Shenzhen Port, and Port of Victoria, making it simple for customers to load their orders and reduce transportation expenses.


With all of this information, you can see why SunnShine International Co Ltd. furniture is the leading provider of Chinese bulk furniture. Shipping to popular markets like the Middle East, UAE, Italy, KSA, Europe, and America, they are known for their elegant and inventive furniture designs that satisfy market demands. Sunnshine provides the most comprehensive ranges of contemporary and modern furnishings, with over 40 years of experience in the furniture industry.

Look through their assortment for the most significant help with all of your travel and leisure bulk needs.

By Manali