Do you know that dirty gutters or drainage systems could be detrimental to the health of people in that environment? Have you ever thought of the various things an unclean gutter could cause? 

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I hear people say that cleaning the gutter could be difficult, but do you know that with the right tools and steps, you’d be able to clean your gutters well? This article teaches you how to clean your gutters like a pro.

How To Clean Your Gutter Like A Pro

Various processes should be followed to make your gutter clean. If you can do all these things successfully, you’d have a neat gutter. They include:

Drain out water successfully

One of the things that could make your gutter look very unkempt is accumulated water in it. When there is too much water and dirt in it, it is capable of causing mosquitoes which will, in turn, cause malaria. So you start by draining all the water in the gutter. You could do this by fetching it or using a pipe to drain it. 

Allow it to dry

Having drained the water successfully then, you allow it to dry up. If it’s a rainy season, you might just risk it getting full again but not to worry, in any situation you find yourself, give it a bit of time to dry up before you start to clear out the dirt in it.

Use a rake or vacuum cleaner to clean up the dirt

In a bid to remove the dirt successfully, you could make use of a rake or a vacuum cleaner. This would enable the place to be free of nylons, waste, and any other material that makes the place dirty.

Use insecticide on the place

You could make use of insecticides or any of those anti-pest/anti-rodent materials that would prevent mosquitoes or rodents from coming closer. 

Note that this is not saying that rodents will not visit again, but in the meantime, the environment would be free of all those things. If you can follow all of these things, your gutter will be free of dirt.

How To Prevent Dirt From Entering The Gutter

Do not throw waste into your gutter

One of the mistakes that people make is that they tend to throw all of their waste into the gutter, which would make it look very unkempt. Ensure keeping your waste in a bin and not the gutter.

Remove waste on noticing it in the gutter

When you notice waste in the gutter, do not hesitate to pick it up and put it in the appropriate place. Do not make the mistake of leaving it unkempt.

Having seen this, I believe you now know how to prevent dirt and also how to clean it like a professional. Do well to follow all that has been listed above, and I trust that your gutter will maintain a neat shape.

By Manali