The Philippines is highly renowned and esteemed for its exemplary standard of education in the medical field. Studying MBBS in Philippines is one of the best experiences that medical students aim for. With top-notch colleges, excellent infrastructure, and a WHO recognized medical education and association of Foreign Medical Graduates, the MBBS colleges of the Philippines are a great option for students worldwide. So, let’s check out some of the top colleges for MBBS in the Philippines. 

To many people, the medical profession is still very attractive. The profession of a doctor is still being regarded in high esteem, and any medical career for that matter comes with the promise of respect, money and social reputation. In remote areas, quality physicians are not treated merely as healthcare workers but are seen as an extension of the family. If you are interested in making a career in medicine, you need to study in one of the top Philippines Medical Colleges.

  • Philippines has 37 NMC approved medical Colleges. MBBS in Philippines tuition fees ranges between 15 -25 lakhs for complete courses.
  • English is a widely spoken language in the country. The instruction of MBBS programs are in English medium for International students.
  • Indian food is readily available in the Philippines Medical Colleges.
  • All the universities in the Philippines offer good accommodation services with the arrangement of essential facilities.
  • Climatic factor is highly suitable to the Asian skin complexion and students feel not much diversity in the weather of the Philippines.
  • Colleges have excellent learning infrastructure and world-class amenities that attract thousands of international crowds to pursue medical education in the Philippines.
  • One of the main reasons why the Philippines is a popular option among Indians is it’s affordable living cost. Students only pay around 500$ per month depending on their lifestyle.

How Do the Top Medical Colleges in Philippines Stand Out?

  • Quality infrastructure – The top institutions consist of all the infrastructural facilities that support and enhance medical education, such as state-of-the-art study aids, access to internet, laboratory, library and more. There is also access to special facilities for students who are slightly disabled or impaired in some way, such as special stairs and elevators, personnel for assistance, audio-visual aid and more.
  • First-class accommodation – These colleges also let you stay for 3 – 4 years without any problem. You can get all the amenities that you need, such as beds, HVAC systems for proper temperature control, in-house canteen, steady supply of water and more. All these are aimed at making students feel as comfortable as possible for the entire duration of their course.
  • 24/7 security surveillance – Top colleges take security very seriously, and have round the clock personnel to manage the premises. There are CCTVs for security surveillance 24/7, smoke alarms, fire alarms and more to ensure that students can get immediate alerts in case of any break-in or mishap inside the premises. Every student needs complete peace and no disturbance in studying, and the top management of the best institutions knows this very well. Thus, you can be assured of 24/7 security while studying in these colleges in the Philippines.

By Manali