The most important decision in running a business is choosing a logo mat.

Choosing the right logo mat is important to make a good first impression. The wrong mat, especially one of low quality, does not indicate a vibrant business.

It shouldn’t be difficult to make the right choice, but there are some things you should consider.


Logo mats are not expensive, but the price of each mat will vary.

Coir Custom logo door mats are less expensive than logo mats – coir is a natural fiber made from coconut husk and used for doormats, brushes, and scrapes.

Complexity In Design

It is possible to include a complex design on any type of logo mat, but the end result and process are quite different.

A printed mat can be customized to any color or complexity. The printer can reproduce any design you have input accurately and without changing the price. The only problem is that a complex design may not create the calm mood you desire.

Coir and brush mats can be made to order and only use a limited number of colors. These mats look elegant and sophisticated, but you won’t be able to choose from luminous or hot pink colors.

A brush mat, or coir, is a mat made from natural materials. It has a handmade look and the design is woven directly into the mat.

Location Of The Mat

The mat could be from the pavement to your building or within a shopping mall. For cafes that are located directly on the pavement, a brush or coir rug might be required. These have the additional benefit of trapping dirt as the customer wipes their feet.

An office block mat or mall mat might not need to catch dirt, but being bright and vivid might be the key. For example, if the mat is located at the front desk, very few people will use it to wipe their feet. It is simply a visual identifier.

Outdoor mats must withstand the elements, so they will have higher durability than indoor mats.


It is a barrier to expensive floors and so absorbency is important if you want to avoid any damage as people enter the building.

A little bit more can save you money overall. For example, the ‘Premium Entry Mat’ is our most absorbent mat and durable mat. It will also reduce the need to clean and extend the floor’s life.

Lift And Lay Or Recessed?

A mat that you can lift up and place wherever you want is the easiest option. However, a recessed mat can give you a beautiful look because it shows thought and planning.

If the mat is custom-designed or circular, a recessed mat can be a great choice.

Get Expert Help

You might not be aware of the right entrance mat for you. One style might appeal to you, but it may not be right for your environment.

You might have a list to cover and you want the cheapest mat that does all of these functions. It must be able to wipe dirt off, resist the elements, and include certain colors.

By Manali