The development of land-based and online casinos in Pennsylvania has seen a positive impact on the local economy. The combined tax revenue for 2021/2022 in Pennsylvania topped $2 million for the first time. The economic impact is likely to expand, especially with the increase in gaming options in the state. 

For example, a number of old department stores in Pennsylvania have become mini-casinos. There are also many options for online gambling using mobile apps. In Pennsylvania, mini-casinos and other gambling opportunities can provide a needed economic jolt. 

Mini-casinos operating out of former big box stores

In Pennsylvania, mini-casinos are operating out of former big box stores. Parx has a mini-casino in Shippensburg that operates in a former Lowe’s home supply store in Shippen Towne Centre. It occupies 73,000 square feet and includes 500 slot machines, electronic table games and a restaurant and sports bar.  

Parx Interactive is well-known for its expansion into different areas, including mini-casinos. Players can also use the popular betPARX app to gamble at a PA online casino

What draws mini-casinos to malls?

What draws mini-casino owners to open a business close to malls? There are a number of advantages. The casinos want to attract local customers, and the malls provide a built-in customer base. 

Malls and mini-casinos need to draw in foot traffic, and they can help one another to do so. Mini-casinos need parking for patrons, and malls usually have plenty of parking. Casino owners can reduce capital expenditures by locating near malls with existing infrastructure.

The benefits are mutual

Patrons popping in to play slots may use nearby restaurants and go into retail shops. Land-based casinos benefit from the symbiotic relationship too. What is good for one is good for the other. Seeing a mini-casino close to a mall may just entice shoppers to go in and have some spins on the slot machines. When there are good hotels, restaurants, and bars close by, it all comes together to create a convenient location and buzzing atmosphere.    

Local business community support

Some of the slowest times for casinos are during holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas. When they are located close to malls, it gives them an advantage. They are at the center of where shopping activity takes place. The support for mini-casinos by local business communities can help them to thrive.

Economic benefits

Pennsylvania economic trends show that casinos can help to drive economic growth and new jobs. Mini-casinos pay direct host community payments, which can help to boost the local economy. They help to ease local property taxes and provide funds for essential community services, such as volunteer fire companies. They also have an annual economic spin-off that benefits the economy of the whole region. 

By Manali