As we get older, our capabilities change. Health conditions such as osteoporosis and arthritis can affect mobility and flexibility; diseases affecting the heart and other internal organs can also make activities which used to be simple more challenging. Memory loss through dementia or Alzheimer’s becomes more likely with age and this can lead to situations that can be dangerous because of forgetfulness. For singleton seniors, loneliness can have an impact and the social aspect of assisted living facilities can add to the appeal. All these are valid reasons for considering a move to assisted living.

Are You Ready for Assisted Living?

Each person’s circumstances are different, but if you are thinking about making the move to an assisted living complex this is probably because your current living arrangements aren’t working. If you would prefer to stay in your own home, especially if it has an emotional attachment such as being where you raised your family, consider whether there are adaptations you can make which will allow you to stay. This could include structural changes, such as adding a ramp, widening doorframes, or fitting aids such as handrails in the bathroom.

Having help in the home is another alternative, whether this is from family members, friends or a community carer.

If you or your family are concerned about your wellbeing or safety and don’t feel these measures are suitable, assisted living is the next logical step.

What is Assisted Living?

Assisted living is where an individual or couple move to a new home, block or community where there is specialist help on site. Seniors can receive help with everyday tasks they struggle with such as washing and cleaning as well as personal hygiene and medical care while retaining their independence and dignity. Meals can be provided ensuring a healthy, balanced diet full of all the nutrients a senior needs to thrive.

What Does Assisted Living Offer?

As well as giving you and your loved ones peace of mind that help and assistance is on hand should you need it, assisted living has many other benefits. You will have your own space which you can decorate to your own taste, allowing you to keep your independence. Many assisted living facilities are also tight-knit communities with plenty of opportunities to socialize with fellow residents. 

Activities are put on giving residents the chance to dance, sing, play bingo and talk to others. With on-site shopping facilities and places of worship, anyone looking for assisted living in Kirkwood has access to a thriving residential community in beautiful surroundings. For many people, moving into assisted living facilities gives them a new lease of life and the chance to enjoy their golden years.

If you feel the time is right to move into assisted living, why not make inquiries? Arrange a visit to see what is on offer and meet the owners and staff – they will be able to answer any questions you have and help you decide on the best plan of action.

By Manali