What is “Car Insurance for the Disabled”?

It can be simply said as the disabled driver’s car insurance. Previously insurance companies and agents used to discriminate against the disabled.

But after the honorable government of the USA passed the ADA, i.e, Americans with Disability Act, the companies are required to treat every veteran in the same way and provide disabled person’s car insurance to everyone who has a car and a driving license irrespective of their disabilities.

How to get such insurance?

To get such insurance you would simply need to follow these guidelines –

(a) Get your health checked by a doctor who is related to your disability. Ask him if it would be right for you to drive a vehicle and if he says yes, ask him to make you a certificate saying such.

(b) Get information nearby about the companies who are providing disabled driver’s car insurance, about their rates and other details.

(c) Choose one company according to your convenience and contact an agent from that company.

(d) Tell the agent truly about your disability and give him every detail he needs including the certificate that you obtained from the doctor.

(e) Read the policies properly and if everything sounds good to you then go for it and sign the papers and pay his fees.

How can you save money?

There are many poor people with disabilities whose main source of income is by driving a cab. For them, it must be very important to save money, especially if they have a family who is depending on them.

There are many ways to reduce costs. Many drivers do such and can be done by the following methods –

(a) Always gather information about various companies and compare them with each other before buying insurance.

(b) Make sure you have checked the details properly. Some companies even offer No Deposit car insurance which can be very helpful for disabled people whose main source of income is from driving cabs.

(c) Look at warranty programs that can be profitable to you by helping you in covering up the cost of your specialty equipment. Many car manufacturers provide such facilities.

(d) Work to improve your driving skills. Take an educational course from the insurer to reduce the cost. 

(e) If you are not a regular driver, you might be qualified for a low-mileage discount.

(f) Ask the auto insurance agent about rebates available for having anti-theft machinery on your vehicle.

As a disabled driver, it can be a bit challenging to take up insurance. But it is important to choose a car insurance provider who is charging you based on the cost of your car. If you don’t find it accurate or find something wrong with the pricing make sure you contact the insurance agent for an explanation of your benefits in comparison to other drivers. If you feel discriminated against, then you can put down that particular agent or company to prevent fraud.      

How Costly is “Disabled Person Car Insurance”?

Due to the ADA policy, there is no special discount on disabled person car insurance.

So, the normal rate of car insurance in the United States is roughly $1,674 per year for full coverage, or about $139.50 per month, according to 2022 data pulled from Quadrant Information Services.

Minimum coverage costs an average of $600 on a yearly basis.

These are national average rates for drivers with clean records. Although this value varies from company to company and also keeps changing every now and then.

One of the most significant Insurance companies in the United States is Alias Insurance. They provide car insurance to the disabled at a very cheaper rate than their competitors. They also provide the service of no deposit car insurance.

Apart from all of this, they have a very skilled team who have very warm gestures and pleasant behavior.

They are very easy to work with and are very helpful.                      

By Manali