Online teacher training courses have become an essential part for  boosting a teacher’s confidence. In addition to their confidence, the expertise and the experience of the teacher is also boosted over the period. Teaching is a very dynamic profession. A teacher is responsible for imparting education to millions of students worldwide.

That is why it is essential for a teacher to constantly update her skills so that it becomes feasible for them to meet the dynamism of the industry in which the students are going.

Advantages of online teacher training course

To uplift the skills of the teachers, online teacher training courses are becoming essential. They try to impart practical skills to teachers so that they can become concurrent with the latest changes. These online teacher training courses help not only in boosting the knowledge but also try to make a teacher convergent with the mindset of the young population.

It also enables a teacher to bring differentiation in the method of teaching by learning and understanding new teaching methodologies. All of these benefits can be obtained by undertaking any of the essential teaching training courses. The list of the best types of certification courses that are available for the teachers in 2022 has been summarised in the following way.

Professional Graduate Course in Teaching and Learning

This is one of the essential types of courses that allow the teachers to understand new ideas of learning. It helps to incorporate the talent of understanding the behaviour of the students. It also allows a teacher to follow flexible methodologies of imparting education so that every student can be in constant touch.


This is able to bring a huge amount of impetus over the period of time. This particular graduate certificate course allows a teacher to pursue different types of career options upon successful completion. In the first place, a teacher becomes capable of becoming a researcher and a scholar, including a professor.

She can also become a counsellor for a trained instructor for imparting education to other teachers in this field. It is a proper type of course that is designed for the Teachers. It basically has ten modules, and it can be completed in a duration of 300 days.

Award in Teaching (Online Learning and Teaching)

This is again a UK level 6 course . It helps teachers to  understand the technology to deliver a better environment of teaching and learning. It teaches  the use of technology to manage the student data. It tries to incorporate the information related to various tools and techniques that can assist a teacher in evaluating the performance of the students in a much better way.


It is also able to deliver effective teaching and learning facilities online. It helps in understanding skills like effective communication and data maintenance. It is also able to generate a better stratification of data. It allows the teacher to gain a sufficient amount of knowledge related to the usage of edu-tech applications and tools. Evaluation skills can be understood in a much better way after undertaking this particular course.

The basic intention of undertaking the course is to understand the process of evaluation so that every student can be sent against various parameters on a very sound and logical argument. This particular course is covered under two modules which take approximately 42 days to complete.

Certificate in Teaching (Assessment and Evaluation)

This is another course that has been exclusively designed for the teachers. It is a UK level 6 certification course that allows the teachers to understand the basics of assessment and evaluation. It is an internationally accredited certification program that allows the teachers to not only understand but also provide the best assessment judgement.


It tries to open various dimensions and factors against which the performance of the students has to be marked. A teacher has to constantly monitor the achievement of the students and provide proper feedback so that they can improve. It is one of the effective methods with the help of which the input of the teachers could be reflected as a part of feedback in the performance of the student.

It is a psychological program that involves analytical skills and evaluation skills to understand the performance of the student. It even motivates a student to undertake critical thinking and creative thinking. It allows the teachers to build a proper relationship between themselves and the students. This course is basically covered in three modules and can be completed in approximately 56 days.

How to choose the best course?

After having already understood the important type of teacher training courses that are available online, it now becomes important to understand the best type of course which is available. The bluntest answer to this question is that no course can be the best. It is able to create confusion in the mind of the teacher. But it is for the teacher to evaluate the need and the type of skills that they need  to incorporate in themselves.

If you want to understand the intricacies of evaluation and assessment, then you can go ahead with the third type of course. But if you want to understand the psychology of the students and the way in which people behave with the help of improved teaching methodology, then the first course would be the most useful course. It is a matter of choice that can be exercised over a period of time.


It can be concluded that this is one of the most important lists of online teacher training courses. It helps to ensure that a perfect combination is generated so that all the factors can be taken care of.

All of these questions are equally important for the holistic development of the teachers. So ultimately it can be concluded that this is the best way in which the performance of the teachers could be boosted with the passage of time.

By Manali